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Carabiner Badge Reels (2120-70XX)

Product Price: $2.68 ea. Sold Individually

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Part number: 2120-7021

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  • Cord length 34" (864mm)
  • Reel diameter 1-1/4" (32mm)
  • Rugged Construction
  • Caribiner Style Belt Clip
  • Rated for 100,000 pulls
  • Many Colors Available:
  • Black [2120-7021], Translucent Clear [2120-7050], Translucent Black [2120-7051], Translucent Blue [2120-7052], Translucent Red [2120-7056], Translucent Yellow [2120-7059]

Carabiner Badge Reels

The premier carabiner badge reel is one of the most popular items in our extensive catalog of badge reels because they're beautiful, easy to use, and tough to break. There are dozens of waiters and waitresses in some of the worlds most famous restaurants in Miami Beach using these flashy colorful badge reels for hundreds of pulls per day.

These Premium Badge Reel's have a diameter of 1-1/4", and an oval shape featuring a plastic encasing with a metal lining that helps shield it from cracking. The carabiner style loop at the top of the reel makes it ideal for attaching to belt loops or bag straps, where your items are easy to reach.

The reinforced vinyl strap will slide through any slot-punched ID card or badge holder, but it's also great for carrying a few keys or small tools. The swivel spring clip reduces the wear and tear of the 34" nylon cord by allowing a smooth, 360 degree pull in any direction.

The 2120-70XX comes in either solid black, or a various spectrum of translucent colors (black, blue, white, red and yellow), so you can choose a favorite color or one that matches your job. They'll keep work flow consistent and smooth when you're on the move.

No Minimum Quantity to Order.

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Carabiner Badge Reels (2120-70XX)