3 Key Card Holder Ideas for Trips Abroad

Considering we are the “Specialists” and experts in these particular supplies, I couldn’t help but share this fantastic idea. It’s so simple to put together for an organized, customized and special occasion that you might share with your family, friends or co-workers for future events.

A cardholder can become a nifty souvenir for after a trip. If you make them retractable, they can become useful for your day jobs. Medical professionals such as nurses can wear them on hospital shifts. If a patient asks about why they wear that particular holder and lanyard, your guest will have a wonderful story for them.

Destination Wedding And Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Fun

We all want a happy couple to avoid stress before their big day. A manageable budget will factor in preventing wedding stresses. Even with an affordable destination, I would like to know that my best friend at her wedding isn’t worried about if wedding papers need a stamp of certification from a nearby capital city. Arguments can also ensue about who will pay for coffee, or who can attend a tour of the nearby caves.

When we go abroad to celebrate weddings, it makes a huge difference when the bride and groom plan for fun activities, and factor in people’s needs. A tiny gift or goody bag can be a nice, inexpensive and personal touch. The tiny items included will perfect a vacation. It will also fit into any budget, lean or large. The solution is decorative keycard holders for your guests, to hold their ID and hotel key cards. In the case of weddings, a bride can also carry her paperwork for apostilles and certification and keep her hands free for other pre-wedding preparations.

A key card holder can hold name cards, hotel keys, or identification. They also add sensible travel safety to any gift bag. This wedding favor serves both a practical and entertaining purpose; a key card holder, especially waterproof and with a zipper, allows guests to hold onto their ID at all times. During an energetic bachelorette party or stag night, you and your guests can keep your key cards from vanishing with the special cake or the hired dancers.

When you want to pay less than two dollars per ID, our Clear Soft Horizontal Fuel Card Or ID Badge Holder will serve your bachelor or bachelorette needs. It will keep the travel grime off your passports and drivers’ licenses late into the night. The zipper ensures that your IDs will stay with you all the time, without falling out.

If you prefer adding some color to your holders and crafts will relax you, you can also personalize them with fabric lanyards or leather. It saves time for you and your guests since it means that they won’t tear apart their hotel room to look for their key card before a loaded itinerary.

You can also customize the holders depending on lanyard and pocket choice, and design an optional card using free computer software. Use our Custom Printed Lanyards to complete the look. Choose from three silkscreen colors or a wide array of palettes, with any text you like or ribbon weave. Our customer service will help you order ahead of time, and to find the right fit for your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Retractable reel key card holders, for example, can keep your ID from falling and increase personal security.

Key Cards On Vacation

When you’re on vacation, there is no greater pleasure then sliding your card into your hotel room, hearing the lock click open, and seeing the satisfying green light. I remember enjoying the sliding cards a lot as a kid. While we may have lost sunglasses in other cities and countries, we never lost key cards. With this wedding project, now you and your guests won’t lose them either.

Key card readers are used at resort facilities, such as gyms, swimming pools, spas, and gift shops. Hotels use the cards to ID guests, so to speak, and to create an aura of exclusivity. A key card holder lanyard adds individuality and personality to these IDs, as you arrange pool parties with hired DJs and tours to local sites. It also makes a pretty necklace that you can treasure long after the wedding, whether as a bride or groom.

Our Clear Flexible Vinyl Horizontal Proximity Card Holder is an inexpensive addition to your trip. Pay less than forty cents for each one, and your IDs will be secure for planes, buses, cruises, and hired cars. You can encourage the whole family to sport their IDs and enforce safe travel habits.

At Specialist ID, we believe that you should use card holders and neck wallets to keep your ID safe while abroad. Our customer service can make recommendations for what you can order from our site for your perfect card holder. Multiple options for lanyards and necklace chains allow for customizability. You can adjust them to your wedding or vacation theme.

Key Card Holders For Retreats

Sometimes a typical stay at a hotel or resort doesn’t cut it. After a years’ worth of work and managing family, a vacation retreat seems soothing and cleansing. You don’t just want rest; you want a break from the world, doing yoga or meditating as the sun rises.

Why have a key card holder at a holistic or ayurvedic retreat? Because then you can keep your important cards on you, without needing a full wallet or cellphone. Hang it around your neck or wear around your wrist while a therapist applies pressure to chakra points.

Say you want to focus on detox or yoga. These therapies require a complete focus on the body and not on travel hassles. An Oversized Armband Badge Holder can assist in keeping your credit cards and passports on hand while leaving your limbs free to get into position. Choose from six different colors to customize your relaxation and enhance your auras.

Find Your Key Card Holder At Specialist ID

We at Specialist ID run a family business, and we treat our customers like family. Thus, for your wedding and vacation, we want to make sure that your ID is safe, and that your key card holders have a creative twist. You want a memorable experience, and a handy key card holder to make the journey easier and more convenient.

We have many different lanyard options and badge holders to accommodate any size ID, ticket or credential to color coordinate a customized set up like the picture displays. Get creative, have fun and give a gift that keeps on giving… a lasting lanyard/badge holder. Contact us today to hear how to design your keycard holder for the adventure of a lifetime.



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