Military Lanyards

Our military lanyards were in demand and now we have them. Whether you are showing your support or pride for our armed forces, we have the U.S Army, U.S. NavyUnited States Marine Corps, Security and they ever trendy and well-represented Camouflage lanyards to offer. These 32″ stitched lanyards will help you to stand out in the crowd and boldly state a purpose. A detachable keyring is a perfect accessory to carry your keys or small tools. You can also easily attach any slot punched photo ID card or badge holder with our hang-rite adapters. Being detachable will allow easy access to whatever essential you are carrying without having to remove the lanyard. 

>Be hands-free while displaying important credentials and allow the public to identify your favorite armed forces. We recently added another selection of Military Lanyards, representing the US Air Force, Army, Navy and also Marines and Vietnam Veterans. These lanyards have two unique and different designs on each side and they have a silky, soft feel to them. We like offering variety and quality to our customers! We support our military!

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