Most Popular Halloween-Themed Lanyards and Badge Holders for 2018

Whether it's for an event, conference, convention or just for around the office, don't let October 2018 go by without enjoying Halloween-themed fun with your lanyards and badge holders. Halloween gives your organization the excuse to go a little spooky-kooky. Here we highlight our orange and black lanyards and badge reels that are at prices that make it an inexpensive purchase for your entire staff or event.

The more you order, the more favorable the price scale is for you, and we have our discounts displayed in a transparent chart on each product page for anyone to see.

For example, one of our lanyards below starts at just .47 cents for a single piece. For colleagues in a small office, you can generally get them for a couple of cents less each, and for a larger company or convention event, down to .31cents for orders of 1500 or more!

Check out our Flat and Round orange-colored fabric lanyards!

One of our most popular and flexible lanyards is a flat lanyard with a white plastic breakaway clasp and an adjustable end. The breakaway clasp is important for industries where employees are very active, such as working with patients in clinics and hospitals; law enforcement in holding areas working with suspects and prisoners; and especially in factories and construction, where safety around machinery is an issue and every precaution must be taken.

You can purchase a wide, plain or narrow, plain lanyard with a plastic hook, or choose one that comes with an attachment, such as a:

Note that some of these lanyards come in Wide or regular width ribbons.

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Another highly popular version of this breakaway clasp is our neon lanyard, with a metallic end piece and a swiveling hook attachment to hook through your ID badge. This orange will certainly pop!

>> Don't miss list of creative Halloween ideas on how to wear our professional ID products with your spooky costumes! Hint: Photoshop your zombie personality ID.

If you work in an industry where you don't need or want the breakaway neck clasp, we have a flat microweave lanyard with keyring attachment with a metal closure at the end.

The shape of the breakaway clasp here differs from the lanyards above to work with the rope-like fabric lanyard. This particular one comes with metal swivel hook attachments.

This lanyard is one of our most inexpensive lanyards but still uses a metal attachment. The metal swivel hook is sturdy and very comfortable, moving with you as you go about in your active day.

Another attachment in this round lanyard style is with a bulldog clip, to latch on to your ID badge.

Don't forget to finish off the look! By this time of the year, everyone's badge holders are tattered and looking rather sad. Update them brand new black or orange badge holders.

Don't hesitate to call SpecialistID with any questions you may have about products, pricing, options. You can even bounce your ideas off with our representatives for Halloween-themed lanyards and badge holders and see what we come up with! Speak to someone at Specialist ID at 800-380-6726 or contact us online.

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