Nurse Badge Reels

Nurse ID Badge Reels are a very popular accessory in hospitals, doctors’ offices, pediatrics and children’s hospitals.

When working in a hospital or medical facility, your ID badge needs to be visible and available instantly. ID badge reels such as those offered by Specialist ID, (also referred to as a retractable ID badge reels) extend your reach when you pull the ID away from your clothing, where it is attached with a clip. A wheel feeds the cord up into the badge reel in a retractable motion, so you pull the badge out, and it snaps back into place on your shirt. Your appearance stays neat and tidy, without the potential dangers of a corded lanyard getting caught in equipment’s moving parts, or dangling over a patient.

A retractable ID badge reel is convenient for showing/swiping your ID at your building’s parking facility, security checkpoints/metal detectors. Your ID is right on your chest, ready to be pulled away from your body for access control, presentation or inspection.

Nurse ID badge reels need to be friendly and stylish too. They’re a fashion accessory all on their own, with attractive heart-shaped styling and easy-to-coordinate colors (pink, white, red and clear) with different colored cords available and all with metal clasps that spin.

There are different badge holders themselves that can be easily attached to the badge reel, including clear vinyl in vertical or horizontal positioning, in different sizes that accommodate any sized ID badge imaginable.

The choices of badge holders are virtually limitless, with different colors, finishes, backgrounds, and even customization options for the holders including your name, the name of your institution or company and various finishes and tints. The cords come in braided and nylon with numerous color choices or beaded chain.

Custom Badge Reels for Nurses

Nurse Badge Reels are a great way for nurses and health care professionals to show their ID in a unique way while showing social awareness (especially the Pink Badge Reel with the Domed Awareness Label). They are a heart-shaped, attractive addition to health caregivers uniforms; also teachers, Red Hat Club members, students, book club members, or any gathering of nurses who want to literally wear their hearts for everyone to see.

They’re an attractive addition to your professional attire, and the clip won’t harm your clothing like a pinned badge might. The safety factor of having a badge firmly attached to your clothing is important too, with no dangling cords or badges getting caught up on beds, or other metal parts, or interfering with your charting.

They come in pink heart-shaped (with the awareness label), a clear vinyl strap and swivel spring clip; translucent red heart-shaped badge reel with a clear vinyl strap and swivel spring clip; a white badge reel with clear vinyl strap and swivel spring clip; a vertical oversized vinyl translucent red badge reel with a clear vinyl strap and swivel spring clip and a pink badge reel with clear vinyl strap and swivel spring clip.

There are endless choices, and many of our most popular nurse ID badge holders have no order minimum. Keep your workforce uniform, or let your team express their own style.

We also carry the RN badge buddy. This ID Accessory helps quickly identify key personnel. This card is larger than your standard nurse ID, hanging right behind it. The large blue box and text hang below your current ID so your role is clearly visible directly below your picture ID.

Custom Retractable Badge Reels for Nurses

With Specialist ID you can get high-quality, heavy-duty, customized badge reels with alligator clips, bulldog clips and more! Custom print your lanyard so that you can differentiate yours from the other nurses. Simply select the material you would like your lanyard to be composed of, color, quantity, features (breakaways, end fittings, etc) and add your name or logo!

You can also customize your badge reels on select items:

Custom Printed Retractable Reels -Upload Your Logo

Personalized B-reel Retractable Badge Reel – Upload Your Logo

Cute Nurse Badge Reels

Custom Pink Breakaway Lanyard and Badge Reel Combo

Nurse Badge Reels

This cute pink lanyard has the breakaway feature in the case your lanyard gets caught onto something it will simply break away leaving you unharmed. The retractable reel allows you to swipe, display and scan your ID card without having to take off your lanyard.

Heart-Shaped Badge Reel

Nurse Badge Reels

Keep your ID with this cute card holder in the shape of a heart. It comes in three colors featuring a translucent red, pink (for breast cancer awareness) and white. This badge reel has the power to brighten up your patients’ days in the hospital. Clip it on your shirt pocket to gain easy access into all the hospital buildings, clip it on your purse or use it as a belt clip!

Neon Badge Reel

Nurse Badge Reels

This neon badge reel will add a pop of color into your nurse uniform and will bring a little joy into the hospital. Lanyards can be a bit uncomfortable when you are running around the hospital because it can move around a lot, with this neon badge reel you will be able to display your ID in a convenient and practical manner with little to no movement.

Nurse Badge Reels In Bulk

If you are the owner of a hospital or are the head of the department buy nurse badge reels in bulk in order to save time, money and energy. If you are consistently hiring nurses and acquiring medical students to intern you need to supply them with badge reels for them to have their ID’s handy.

Gaining quick access to buildings is important because you can save lives. Equip you staff with badge reels and the proper credentials so they can gain all the hospital departments.

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