3 Ways Hospitals Can Personalize Lanyards For Their Staff

3 Ways Hospitals Can Personalize Lanyards For Their Staff

Hospital staff work tirelessly to support their patients. Early mornings and late nights can start to take a toll. It’s really the small things that make a difference in creating a better work environment. To add a little fun to daily work life, there are a few ways to add some flair to their ID badges.

Here are three ways hospitals can personalize lanyards for their staff.

Customized Lanyards

Any logo you choose can be printed on this custom breakaway lanyard! The swivel hook that holds all your IDs and badges is detachable for easy removal. It has a thick, round lanyard string that is different from the usual flat lanyards. Your entire team can match with one of the four lanyard color options available. This lanyard also has a breakaway clasp at the back. This allows for the lanyard to pull apart when pulled on. If you were to get caught on something while wearing your lanyard, it would pull and be very uncomfortable. It can be a safety hazard since the risk of falling is heightened. With a breakaway clasp, the lanyard will come undone to prevent getting caught.

Pin Badge Buddy

Nurses and doctors often have an assortment of pins on them. They wear them on their scrubs to show off how many they have earned over the years, whether it is from how long they have been at the hospital or the different training they’ve done. It can be a hassle to put them on and take them off everyday, so a pin badge buddy can be a great helper! The badge buddy attaches to your lanyard or badge reel, just like a normal ID. There are several pre-punched holes so you can add any pins you like to it. They stay secure all day so they are proudly displayed wherever you go. 

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Oversized Badge Holder

If you have an ID that is getting worn down and faded, now’s the time to get a badge holder! They protect from scratches and liquid so the life of the ID can be extended. With an oversized badge holder, you can customize the background so your ID will still be seen. All you have to do is cut out some paper with a design on it to fit the badge holder. To have the ID card centered, put tape on the back and stick it in the middle of the background paper. If you want to have a uniform background for your staff, you can print out a matching background for each person to use. 

Adding a personalized touch to your staff’s lanyards can bring some fun into the workplace. Something like a lanyard and the badge that is attached to it is something that is worn everyday, so having it customized can add a sense of connection to the person wearing it. At Specialist ID, we carry a wide array of accessories that doctors and nurses use everyday. Explore the different ways you can customize lanyards today!
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