Retractable Badge Clips Designed for Outdoor Activities

When you participate in outdoor activities, you aren't just responsible for your safety, but the safety of your tools, keys, and identification. Specialist ID has a wide variety of sport badge reels that areretractable, heavy duty and durable. They can be used for a variety of outdooractivities, from skiing and mountain climbing, because of their robustconstruction and smooth functionality.


Retractable Sports Gear with Quick Disconnect

The T-Reign Small Heavy-Duty Retractable Gear Tether (0TRG-41X) is a practical accessory for hikes, camping trips,and fishing.Since you can fasten it onto your belt loop or the straps on your hiking bag, your hands are free and your tools are ready for use. The small T-Reign tethers are approximately 1 1/2" in circumference and have a24" Kevlar cord that can retract lightweight tools that weigh up to 4 oz.,like mini flashlights, multi-tools, and compass.

Other Features about the T-Reign Retractable Badge

The T-Reign is also available in Medium (0TRG-42X) and Large (0TRG-43X). The medium T-Reign tether is approximately 1 3/4" in circumference and has a 36 Kevlar cord that retracts tools weighing up to 6 oz., like Swiss Army knives and flashlights.The large T-Reign is Specialist IDs largest T-Reign to date, sizing in at 2 1/4" in total circumference and has a 48 Kevlar cord to retract tools weighing up to 10 oz., like a GPS,multi-tools and tape measure.

Each one of these T-Reign gear reels come with a stainless steel spring and hardware, and a quick disconnect gear attachment that lets you remove and re-attach your items quickly. These T-Reigns are designed and assembled in the USA and are built to last with a lifetime service policy from the manufacturer.

Sports Retractable Reel

Rated for 40,000 pulls, the Ski Pass and Sports Retractable Reel (P/N2120-4001) is ideal for rough climates, like skiing. Just attach the locking, plastic loop to a zipper or belt loop and clip the other end around your lift ticket. The retractable cord reaches up to 36" and securely retracts back into place. The reel diameter measures 1 and is retractable for easy display or easy reach of a swipe terminal or proximity reader.

Heavy-Duty Retractable Sport Reel

The Ski Pass Holder Retractable Heavy Duty Sport Real (P/N2120-4101) is Specialist IDs heavy-duty ski pass holder. It has a lobster claw hook to easily attach to any jacket, belt loop, bag strap or zipper. The swivel "J" hook securely holds any annual ski pass, photo ID, or keys. The sturdy 24"nylon cord allows for easy access to swipe your pass as needed and a reinforced ring adds extra protection of the nylon cord so that it may be stretched and pulled frequently.

You can get your retractable badge clips before your next great outdoor adventure!Typical delivery times are 2-6 days. Place your order online now or call 1-800-380-6726 to speak to a representative. You can also contact us online!

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