How To Spice Up Your Lanyards With Accessories

How To Spice Up Your Lanyards With Accessories

Are lanyards part of your everyday wardrobe? Are you looking for easy, fun, and exciting ways to spice them up? If so, look no further as we dive into ways to do just that!

As you’ve looked around online, the office, or social media, you’ve probably seen creative people showcasing their spin on basic lanyards and transforming them into unique and personal works of art. Whether you're someone looking to get inspired, or an Etsy creator looking for a few more ideas to help your business boom, we’ve got you covered on insightful and helpful tips to get your lanyards looking like no others.


Let’s begin with practical decoration. Some additions can be added to your lanyard to help you stay organized and assist you in making daily tasks more fun and efficient. One item that could be beneficial is the retractable badge reel pencil holder with carabiner clip. Not only does this enable easy access to your favorite pen or marker, but it also increases efficiency and productivity. 


Imagine if your favorite barista couldn’t find their pen after every coffee order. What a stressful day they would have—not to mention the long line of customers. Or how about the nurse who needs a marker by their side 24/7 to chart patient care. Whether it’s coffee or patient care, think about any friend, family, or staff member that could benefit from this awesome accessory.   



Vertical badge buddies are an all-time favorite lanyard accessory. With 96 variations to choose from, you can prominently display your profession while at the same time showcasing your personality. Aside from the broad range of colors, there are many ways to make them truly yours. For example, wrapping a badge buddy with your favorite stickers is a fun way to add a playful aesthetic you may be looking for. If you’re looking for a truly unique way to decorate and customize your badge buddy, we provide a free online template. Go ahead, check it out! 



Another fun extension to your lanyard is the detachable swivel lobster claw. They come in bold colors, and their wide polyester design makes these comfortable and eye-catching accessories to add to any professional uniform. They also have a breakaway design for safety if the lanyard is pulled or snagged off your neck. The detachable swivel lobster clasp is convenient as it easily swaps accessories. The bungee coil keychain is an accessory that goes hand-in-hand with the detachable swivel lobster. Adding your own keyring to the nonslip end allows for self-expression while still enhancing your work performance with clip and bungee features.




Sifting through the different types of lanyard attachments can be cumbersome, let alone thinking about the ways to personalize them. But here at Specialist ID, we make it fun and easy. Browse our website and let us help you customize your favorite badge or lanyard today! 

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