T-Reign Outdoor Products

I wish we could have shared our collection of T-Reign outdoor products with Tom Hanks in Cast Away. These badge reels are rugged, weather-resistant, long-lasting, and another top of the line series from a classic American company that continues to reign supreme within the ID badge accessories industry.

And if I may, id bet my money on it that one of these would have stuck around longer than that poor Simon fellow.

That's because T-Reign outdoor gear holders were specifically designed to help you face the challenges that arise when you're out of the office, heavy on the trails, and out in the midst of a dwindling wilderness.

These sports retractable holders have the strength to keep your most important, life-saving items, handy throughout the entirety of your next conquest.


Always a safe bet, T-Reign products will keep you prepared for those moments when nature calls you back into the wild. Each one of these T-Reign retractable outdoor reels can help you out of any situation you're about to get into. You'd be surprised at how with just a little bit of foresight, this can quickly become your right-hand man, your third arm, your best friend, and an extension of yourself that's always got your back, as its sole purpose is to carry your most important items right where you want them, so you'll be prepared to use them when you'll need them most.

With T-Reign products, there aren't many limitations to what you can do. At the end of the day, it comes down to utilizing the best possible resources available to you in order to make your T-Reign serve you in the most efficient manner possible.

So whether you're using them to hold your bug spray canister before the mosquitos come out to drink your blood like wine, finding your way through a maze of thick marsh with your portable GPS system, or just using it to hold a screwdriver to help you tighten old screws before your next water rapid ride, you can keep one ore more of these close by and they'll bring you the confidence in your ability to mend your ways when things start to get hairy, and keep prepared to react in a moments notice.

That's largely because these handy retractable reels can carry anything from a compass, pocket knife, water bottle, lift ticket, walkie talkie, cell phone, flashlight, camera, or any other useful small tools you'll need when you embark on your next journey. Just slip your items around the quick disconnect gear attachment hook, and with a little bit of practice, you'll be able to draw your equipment as quick as Jesse James or Billy The Kid could shoot their guns.

T-Reign gear tethers were made to keep your precious items safely stored from your belt loop, book bag strap, and wherever else you need them most. After they're employed, they'll retract back into themselves on their own accord, patiently awaiting your next mission.

At this moment, we have six different types of these virtually indestructible T-Reign outdoor gear holders available in our store. All of these T-Reign gear tethers come with a loop to connect securely to your gear and a Quick Disconnect Gear Attachment feature, making it easy to swap out your gear and for sharing with others. They also feature stainless steel spring and hardware that was built to last, and last but not least, a solid extra-durable plastic core that's virtually indestructible. However, each one comes with one of three different forms of attachment types to chose from:

  • Stainless steel carabiner
  • Stainless steel belt clip
  • Or velcro loop

And each has two different categories of strength; original or heavy-duty.

Original T-Reign gear holders contain a rugged 36 kevlar cord with a 6 oz retraction force, while the Heavy Duty T-Reign Gear Tethers offer a longer 48 kevlar cord with 8 oz of retraction force. So think carefully about which product would be best for you before making any decisions, as not everyone will need 8 oz of retraction force for their needs. However, all six of these T-Reign outdoor badge reels are made to last under the harshest of conditions, the only differences between them being in their attachment types.

You can choose from either a velcro loop strap, which is great for securing to D rings, straps, bars, a stainless steel clip which rotates 360 degrees and slides easily onto belts and straps but doesn't slide off, or a stainless steel carabiner, which also connects securely and disconnects easily to D rings, belt loops, straps, and more. Just visualize how you'll be using them, and make your decision accordingly. But rest assured, when you're purchasing a T-Reign item you'll be surprised how powerful and smooth these rugged reels retract your items, and you'll feel firsthand the strength, comfort, and confidence you'll get when you know your gear is safe and ready for you every time.

Although these outdoor badge reels are the perfect companion for carrying with you while traversing landscapes, hiking hills, and scaling mountains, they can also be used for simple, everyday carry. These are great for fastening to your belt loop when you're working in the garage or when you're fixing your car. You can even use them for carrying keys, or ID cards when you're at the office. It's up to you. They aren't bulky enough to get in your way, but can handle bumps, bruises, and are always a helping hand. So if you're looking for something that you can trust to last on your adventures and explorations or something to carry your keys to the supermarket, these T-Reign retractable gear tethers are specifically designed with you in mind.

These retractable reels rank among the highest quality in the industry. We are confident that you won't have any problems with your gear reel. And if by some crazy chance you arent 100% satisfied with your purchase, or found a defect, each one of these will come with a Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturer and you can download that right here.

T-Reign products are proudly made in the USA. Keep your gear safe, secure, and ready for action with the T-Reign heavy duty retractable gear tether. If you have any questions about our T-Reign retractors or any other ID accessory, please leave us a comment below or feel free to call us at 1-800-380-6726.

Oh, and by the way. Once your T-Reign sticker wears off, that's the moment the badge reel becomes the badge of honor. So wear it proudly, my brave friends.

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