3 Thoughtful Gifts To Show Appreciation For Your Medical Staff This Doctors’ Day

3 Thoughtful Gifts To Show Appreciation For Your Medical Staff This Doctors’ Day

National Doctors’ Day is Friday, March 30. This is an opportunity to thank medical workers and staff, recognize their sacrifices, and celebrate the value of their contributions to communities throughout the world.

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing burnout in almost all healthcare workers, it's not a secret that they can use a little extra support and acknowledgment. In honor of Doctors’ Day, the team at Specialist ID has compiled three gift ideas you can use to show your appreciation.

With vertical badge buddies, you can help identify each individual's role in big hospitals or medical offices. These are highly visible and help medical staff be recognized by patients, minimizing being asked “which role” they play in the workplace. Reducing some of the stress that this profession already brings to them will help bring some peace of mind, which may already be a gift. According to the US Census, there are over 22 million employed in healthcare—that’s a lot of people who may need this product!




Mask wearing in hospitals may always be a thing, especially for surgeons. Face mask lanyards are great accessory gifts to accompany masks. During high-stress moments when you need to have your mask accessible at all times, which is essentially part of a surgeon's/medical practitioner's role, these handy lanyards will relieve those worries. Not to mention that adding personal touches to these lanyards, such as bead attachments, can make them feel more personal.







Lastly, we have the product that has been seen customized the most: the practical badge reels. This simple gadget can be of great use and a nice gift overall. It’s a badge accessory that holds badges in place with a retractable cord that allows for comfortable mobility around the hospital. There are many intriguing ways to customize this product; check out Etsy for some inspiration in making this a gift to last.




Workplace heroes make a difference in our communities, and it is essential to show we care. Showing your appreciation with any one of these simple, practical, and affordable gifts will be sure to make their day and help them navigate their hectic workdays/nights. 

To find even more gift options for the people who help keep you happy, sane, energized, and empowered at work, visit the Specialist ID website to see our massive collection of workplace gifts!
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