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4 Ways U.S. Navy Members Can Customize Their Lanyard From “Same Ol’ Same Ol” to All Their Own

There's nothing like the feeling of belonging to something bigger than yourself — than coming together with other people in the service of a grander cause. After all, that's what attracts recruits to the U.S. Navy in the first place and the "glue" that holds them and their families together. 

But for as much as each member of the Navy has in common, each also brings their unique personality, gifts, and strengths to the table. While there are not many ways to visibly express your individuality while in uniform, there is one easily customizable item that you can instantly personalize: your lanyard. Here are four lanyards with customizable options to take this indispensable item from "same-ol' same ol'" to all your own. 

Military Licensed Breakaway Lanyard

This officially licensed U.S. Military Breakaway Lanyard makes a great gift for Navy members who want to up their style game while in uniform. These silky lanyards are double-sided and equipped with a safety breakaway feature for easy access and use. With available options for representing the Navy, Army, Air Force, and Marines, they make a thoughtful gift for any member or veteran of the U.S. military. (There's even one created especially for Vietnam Vets.) 

Military Lanyards, Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines and Vietnam Veterans

Silver Metallic Non-Breakaway Lanyard

Jazz up your lanyard with a Silver Metallic Round Non-Breakaway Lanyard with swivel hook available in five different color options that set you apart without making you stand out too prominently. (Since the whole point of being in uniform is to reduce the differences between you and your brothers or sisters in arms.) Use this lanyard to add some subtle spark to your everyday lanyard or reserve it for special occasions!

Black Silver Metallic Round Non-Breakaway Lanyard With Swivel Hook 2135-302X 2135-3021

USA Flag Breakaway Lanyard

Express your patriotic spirit and love for the Red, White, and Blue with a USA Flag Logo Printed Lanyard with Lobster Hook. As a member of the Armed Forces, dedicating your life to fight for your country is as patriotic as it gets, so it's only fitting that your lanyard should reflect this. And the best part about this wearable tribute to Old Glory is that it comes in packages of 100! This makes it an amazing and affordable gift for not only those who "bleed blue" but for everyone with an enduring love for the Stars and Stripes.

USA Flag Breakaway 5/8" Lanyard with Lobster Hook (P/N 2138-5304) 2138-5304

E.K. Lanyard Plus II

If you want a lanyard that goes from indoor to outdoor duty with equal ease, the Black EK Plus II Detachable Heavy Duty Lanyard With Soft End Loops is the lanyard for you. Its double-loop design and compact-yet-ample dimensions ensure your badge is visible at all times and provides plenty of room for your keys, flashlight, small outdoor tools, and other important objects. This lanyard comes with an adjustable cinch to increase or decrease the neck loop. And if you're tired of your metal lanyard setting off metal detectors or sensitivity security systems, the metal-free design and 100% nylon rope construction will put an end to frustrating false alarms.

Express the pride of coming together in the service of a grander cause while also celebrating the things that make you uniquely you. As the most easily customizable part of your uniform, making your lanyard all your own expresses your individual contribution to fulfilling a larger mission. At Specialist ID, it's our mission to help you successfully complete yours. Check out our wide variety of lanyards and other badge- and credential-accessory options on the Specialist ID website! We thank you for your service! 

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