4 Ways Our Mask Lanyard Will Make Your Life Easier

Prior to the COVID pandemic, masks were primarily used at hospitals and worn by medical staff or, in some foreign countries, worn by citizens and travelers, most of the time without the use of an additional helpful accessory. We now know things can quickly change as mask-wearing has become part of our day-to-day lives.

As we know, mask mandates change frequently, and for that reason, it’s highly recommended to always have mask lanyards on hand for staff or family to help them throughout the day.

1. For the Kids

Mask Lanyards help structure a routine to help children feel secure in difficult and scary times like this pandemic. Having the structure of the daily reminder to put on their face mask lanyard can help them feel safer. You no longer need to worry about your child misplacing their mask or accidentally throwing it out; the lanyard ensures that they’ll always be ready to cover up when needed.



2. Peace of Mind

Many of us experience anxiety as we worry about finding our own masks. These lanyards will give you peace of mind as you navigate through your day. There’s no longer a need to put your mask in your pocket, in your bag, or leave it in your car for safekeeping; with these mask lanyards, your mask is always handy and ready at a moment’s notice. 




3. Keep Your Face Safe

Another thing to keep in mind is one of the ways COVID is spread: direct face touching. While most of us aren’t aware, we are touching our faces now more than ever with masks. These lanyards aid in avoiding unnecessary face touching; it is sanitary and helps reduce the chances of catching the virus. Touching the outside of your mask is also not the best way to go about keeping them clean. Mask lanyards help minimize exposure to germs, dirt, and viruses from being directly transferred to your mask.

4. The Comfort of Convenience

These lanyards are also great during indoor and outdoor outings in areas where wearing a mask is not always required. They allow you to quickly get a breath of fresh air when not passing by people. While you are on a daily walk or hike—depending on whether the area is heavily trafficed—you may need to constantly remove and put your mask back on. The use of a mask lanyard will save you time. Mask lanyards make your outings more enjoyable and less stressful.

Whether you're out enjoying an afternoon lunch, out in nature, or on the job, mask lanyards will keep you better prepared when it comes to your mask necessities. Visit Specialist ID and take advantage of our affordable and convenient mask lanyards.

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