What Makes Bamboo Lanyards Eco-Friendly?

What Makes Bamboo Lanyards Eco-Friendly?

It seems that you can’t open a magazine, blog or website without reading an article or two about how to go green. Retailers and restaurants are moving towards more earth-friendly appeal, accessories, and cuisine, and you may have wondered how you can participate with style and affordability.

You don't have to drink slimy green smoothies, drive a hybrid car or overflow your apartment with succulents and house plants to go green. You can go green each day while showing your respect to Mother Earth, with minimal effort and consciousness.

Bamboo is a cellulose fiber that is easily broken down in the soil preventing environmental pollution. It can be replanted within a fraction of the amount of years of most timber, seven years compared to 30-50 years. You don't have to be a panda bear to love bamboo. As one of the fasting growing plants on the planet, you can go green simply and easily every day, while keeping your credentials safely tucked away

Go Green With Your Lanyard

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources and environmentally sound plants on Earth. Due to its rapid re-growth cycle and 25% higher yield than timber it can be harvested with almost no impact on the environment. It can be grown in soil damaged by overgrazing or poor agricultural technique, truly making bamboo lanyards an Earth-friendly product.

Why Bamboo Lanyards?

Let’s say you buy a lanyard made out of polyester, which is just another fancy word for plastic.

After you are done using it and decide to throw it away it will lay in the landfill and perish after many days under the sun. When the sun hits plastic it breaks down into smaller fragments, these smaller fragments are called microplastics and they contaminate the soil and harm wild life

Microplastics are very small and often get confused as food so fish and birds end up consuming them. This creates the sensation that they are in full when in fact they are not getting the nourishment that they need causing them to starve to death.

Unlike plastic, bamboo is a natural resource. This means that our lanyards composed out of bamboo will biodegrade without contaminating the soil and will not harm wildlife if it gets consumed, in fact, many animals have bamboo in their diets, just look at pandas

Our Earth Friendly Lanyards

Bamboo Fiber Lanyards

This eco friendly lanyard is made out of bamboo fibers making it biodegradable in exception of the plastic hook that attaches your ID card to the lanyard. The hook is “no-twist” meaning your ID card will stay securely in place as you move around. 

This eco friendly biodegradable lanyard is high quality, 100% bamboo and is available in three colors: Black, Navy Blue, and Forest Green.

Earth Friendly Bamboo Lanyard With Breakaway

This lanyard has the safety breakaway feature, in the case, it gets caught in something it will break off for your protection. The hook is made from recycled plastic meaning it has a minimal environmental impact in comparison to mainstream lanyards.

To make your own custom bamboo lanyard

Simply select “bamboo” when choosing a material option.

Loving The Style Of The Bamboo Lanyard But Looking For A Thicker Lanyard?

The comfortable-to-wear Earth-Friendly Bamboo Lanyard with Breakaway, part number 2137-204x, is 36 in total circumference. Specialist IDs Bamboo lanyards are softer than cotton with a silky texture that naturally draws moisture away from your skin. They are biodegradable and made with natural, anti-bacterial material.

Ideal for displaying your work ID badge or other credentials, the lanyard is available in six colors: black, forest green, navy blue, purple, red and white. With no minimum order for black, forest green or purple, the bamboo 3/8 (10 mm) flat lanyards feature a breakaway option and a "No-Twist" wide plastic hook.

You can also go green with the Earth Friendly Breakaway Bamboo Wide Flat Lanyard 2137-205x. This 5/8" (16 Mm) flat lanyard is available in black, forest green and navy blue. There is no minimum order for black and navy blue and a 100-piece minimum for black and navy blue.

Now that you know you can go green affordably, effectively and stylishly with Specialist ID lanyards, you don't have to stop being earth-friendly with just bamboo. The Recycled PET Earth Friendly 3/8 lanyard 2137-205x is made with recycled materials to lessen their impact on the environment. To protect the wearer, the breakaway design allows the lanyard to snap apart if it is met with too much pressure. And the wide no-twist hook keeps your ID facing forward. Available in three colors: black, forest green and navy blue. A minimum order of 100 is required.

Biodegradable Lanyards at Specialist ID!

Your order of eco-friendly bamboo lanyards and recycled PET earth-friendly lanyards will be processed in 24 hours with a typical delivery time of 2-6 days. Place your order online now. You can also contact us online if you have any questions or if you are wondering about custom orders.

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