Wholesale Swivel Clip Badge Reels You Can Purchase In Bulk

Wholesale Swivel Clip Badge Reels You Can Purchase In Bulk

Swivel clip badge reels are guaranteed to prolong the life of badge holders. It will also prevent employees from losing their identification badges. The great feature of the swivel clip is that it moves in the direction in which you extend your badge. Badge reels without the swivel feature will receive more resistance from the pull that can result in snapping off the clip or the entire badge reel altogether, possibly even snagging material on a favorite shirt or blouse.

The rotating swivel clip feature easily pivots in the direction you need to pull. Specialist ID, a wholesale distributor of badge reels and badge ID accessories, offers an extended catalog of assorted badge reels that can be purchased in bulk online at a discount price.

What is a Swivel Clip?

 A swivel clip is a type of fastening device that is used to attach objects to a surface or support. It consists of a clip with a hinge or pivot point that allows it to rotate or swivel. Swivel clips are often used to attach items such as keys, badges, and lanyards to clothing or bags. They are also used in a variety of other applications, such as attaching ropes or cables to a surface, or attaching a banner or sign to a wall or display stand. Swivel clips can be made of metal, plastic, or other materials, and are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit different needs.

Badge Reel with Swivel Clip

This particular badge reel is one of Specialist IDs best sellers. Frequently used by professionals and corporate environments, these swivel clip badge reels come in a variety of colors, both solid and translucent. Choose from blue, orange, green, purple, red, and clear. These reels have a 34 nylon cord that will last for approximately 100,000 pulls. Perhaps the best feature that makes these swivel clip badge reels so popular is that you can customize them. 



What is a Spring Clip?

A spring clip is a type of fastening device that uses a spring to hold an object securely in place. It consists of a flexible piece of metal or other material that is shaped like a clip, with one end attached to a spring. When the clip is squeezed or pressed, the spring expands, allowing the clip to open. When the pressure is released, the spring contracts, causing the clip to close and hold the object securely. Spring clips are used in a wide range of applications, including holding papers or documents together, fastening wires or cables, and securing objects to a surface or support. They can be made of metal, plastic, or other materials, and are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs.


Heart Shaped Ribbon Awareness Badge Reel with Swivel Spring Clip

Show your support with our heart-shaped awareness badge reel and swivel clip. This darling-shaped badge reel has been favored in the medical industry and non-profit agencies. Its casing is made of durable plastic and its nylon cord also stretches out at 34 with a life of 100,000 pulls. These badge reels come in two colors: pink and white. Learn more about this badge reel by watching this video:




Heart Shaped Badge Reel with Rotating Spring Clip

If youre looking for a heart-shaped badge reel that isnt so specific to a cause, our regular heart-shaped badge reels are available in three colors: white, pink, and red. This badge reel doesnt contain any graphics and can be used for more than one occasion like Valentines Day, birthday parties, creative events, and/or other causes.








Mini Chrome Silver Key Reel with Spring Clip and Metal Swivel Hook

For a more sophisticated look, stock up on our mini chrome swivel hook badge reel. With the casing being the size of an American quarter, this reflective badge reel isnt too distracting, yet will be easy to detect thanks to its shiny surface. This badge reel provides a more modern look and is perfect for high-end corporations and businesses. Watch this video demonstration of our Mini Chrome Silver Key Reel.





Specialist ID offers you the option of purchasing a bulk of badge reels at a discount price. You also have the option of customizing the case to show your logo or present a cause. You can also purchase our pre-printed awareness reels or our plain heart-shaped reels. We also offer heavy-duty Key-Bak badge reels.


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