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25 Pack Bulk Double-Ended Lanyards with Bulldog Clips on Each Side Assorted Colors

25 Pack Bulk Double-Ended Lanyards with Bulldog Clips on Each Side Assorted Colors

$17.99 ea. $17.99 ea.

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Color: Assorted
Part number: SPID-2260-ASSORTED-Q25

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  • Part number: SPID-2260-ASSORTED-Q25
  • Bulk Variety Color Pack: 25 pack of assorted double ended lanyards.
  • Optimized for Large Credentials: Ideal for concert tickets and event badges with double sided slot holes.
  • Non-Flip Feature: Keeps VIP passes and tickets facing forward without flipping around.
  • Adjustable Length: Can be modified for the perfect fit with a simple knot (illustrations provided).
  • Comfort and Durability: Made from soft, breathable material for comfortable neck wear.
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Bulk Double Sided Lanyard with Bulldog Clips on Each Side - Comfort Neck Straps ID Holder for Special Event Badges

These lanyards are popular for large credentials and concert tickets because they have the double ends to attach to larger badges with chain slot holes.With one bulldog clip on each side, the lanyard securely grips to your ID badge holder in two places (usually using the outer round holes) and will keep your VIP pass, football ticket or larger badge facing forward at all times without flipping around.

Adjustable to the perfect hanging size by tying a loose knot if needed (see pic illustrations). Made with soft, comfortable and breathable material to rest around your neck while keeping your oversized credential badge displayed for conferences, conventions, seminars, sporting events or concerts.

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