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Armband Badge Holder Horizontal - 4" X 3" Name Badge Holder with Adjustable Arm Band

Armband Badge Holder Horizontal - 4" X 3" Name Badge Holder with Adjustable Arm Band

$3.85 ea. $3.85 ea.

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  • Part number: SPID-1540-BLACK
  • Oversize Armband Badge Holder with Adjustable Band
  • Horizontal Layout, Card Loads from Top
  • 4"x3"Vinyl Window Display
  • One Size Fits All - Including Larger Size Arms
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Our oversized clear vinyl horizontal arm band badge holders with adjustable hook and loop straps and clear plastic display window for 4x3 inch large CR100 size ID cards.

Durable and easy to wear for more "extreme" or high impact work or play areas where it could be a safety hazard to wear a dangling neck lanyard or reel.  One size fits all, including larger size arms. Wrap around the cuff of your work shirt, over long sleeves or over a jacket. Adjust the straps to have a secure and tight grip to your bicep while you lift, bend, flex or ride.

Practical for warehouse workers, construction builders, contractors, inspectors, food service industries, military, government, police, airport security and more. Having a clear plastic window covering makes them easy to scan cards through a barcode reader without having to remove. They also are metal free to not interfere with security checkpoints at the airport or government office buildings.  Also, great for outdoor use when riding your motorcycle, bicycle or horse. Functional for wearing your season pass for ski and snowboard adventures, convenient to display your CDC vaccination card or bus pass while traveling, and could hold your dope data card while at the target range.

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