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B-Holder Rigid Plastic Horizontal Holder (P/N 1840-665X)

B-Holder Rigid Plastic Horizontal Holder (P/N 1840-665X)

$1.46 ea. $1.46 ea.

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Color: Clear
Part number: 1840-6650
Metallic Blue

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  • Part number: 1840-6650
  • Insert Size: Standard Credit Card Size: 2.13" X 3.38"
  • Designed to hold one standard credit card sized ID badge
  • Clear Front
  • Card Layout: Horizontal
  • Part Numbers: 1840-6650 Clear, 1840-6651 Black, 1840-6652 Metallic Blue, 1840-6658 White
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B-Holder Rigid Plastic Horizontal Holder (P/N 1840-665X)

Our B card holder, 1840-665X, is designed to securely lock your ID badge inside of this rigid holder. This badge holder has a open thumb slot on the back to easily remove your standard credit card sized ID.

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