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Badge Reel With Silver Sticker (P/N 2120-310X)

Badge Reel With Silver Sticker (P/N 2120-310X)

$1.13 ea. $1.13 ea.

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Color: Black
Part number: 2120-3101
Royal Blue

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  • Part number: 2120-3101
  • Colored Badge Reels with Silver Sticker
  • Rotating Spring Swivel Clip
  • Reinforced Vinyl Strap & Belt Clip
  • 34" Nylon Cord Reach
  • Part Numbers: 2120-3100 Chrome, 2120-3101 Black, 2120-3102 Blue, 2120-3104 Green, 2120-3106 Red, 2120-3108 White, 2120-3109 Yellow, 2120-3120 Gray
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Badge Reel With Silver Sticker (P/N 2120-310X)

This 1-1/4" Round badge reel with a flashy silver metallic sticker and belt clip is a stylish alternative for professionals that prefer to reel their slot punched photo ID cards, badge holders or keys from their belt. Although the 3/4" silver metallic colored sticker is purely for aesthetic purposes, it adds a modern look to the cool color variety of badge reel options we have to choose from.

To use, simply clip your items through the clear vinyl strap and then attach the sturdy belt clip along your belt or the edge of your pants for easy access and a tight grip that wont accidentally slide off. After use, the reel will retract back into itself and remain conveniently by your side.

The generous 34" length nylon cord will easily perform most common motions within arms length. Rated for 100,000 smooth pulls, it features a rotating spring clip which let you swivel your keys 360 degrees in any direction while extending the lifespan of your reel. Minimum order of 100 pieces.

Minimum order of 100.

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