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Black VIP Lanyards (SPID-2020-BLK)

Black VIP Lanyards (SPID-2020-BLK)

$1.94 ea. $1.94 ea.

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  • Part number: SPID-2020-BLK
  • 3/4" Wide, Flat Lanyard
  • 36" Total Circumference, Perfect Size For Displaying Credentials.
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Hook For Attaching to ID Badges and More.
  • Color: Black
  • Breakaway
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Black VIP Lanyards (SPID-2020-BLK)

Special recognition for the Very Important Person! VIP lanyards, part number SPID-2020, are black and have bold white "VIP" text printed along the front. These lanyards are perfect for easy recognition in concerts, events or any crowded area.

Has a safety breakaway feature to avoid any neck injury and a nickel-plated steel hook to attach badge holders, photo ID badges or any other small tool necessity for easy access.

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