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Blue Pre-Printed Student Lanyard (SPID-2801)

Blue Pre-Printed Student Lanyard (SPID-2801)

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  • Part number: SPID-2801
  • Clearly Marked for Students: Bold white "STUDENT" text printed along the front and back for easy identification.
  • Comfortable and Visible: Silky, blue, 5/8" wide flat lanyard with a 36" total circumference, perfect for displaying credentials prominently.
  • Safety Breakaway Feature: Equipped with a safety breakaway that snaps apart if tugged, then reattaches for continued use.
  • Secure Attachment: Includes a nickel-plated steel hook for attaching ID badges, keys, and other essentials.
  • Part Number: SPID-2801 available with no minimum quantity required for orders.
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Student lanyard, part number SPID-2801, are silky 36" blue flat lanyards with bold white "STUDENT" text printed along the front and back. They're made exclusively, for quickly identifying Students with eye catching colors that stand out from the crowd. Our STUDENT printed lanyards come with a safety breakaway feature that allows them to snap apart if tugged or pulled, yet can be put back together afterwards for continued wear. Simply slide your ID credentials onto the nickel-plated steel hook and they'll hang around the chest area until the event is over.

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