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Breakaway Lanyard with Quick Release Detachable Swivel Hook (2135-464X)

Breakaway Lanyard with Quick Release Detachable Swivel Hook (2135-464X)

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Color: Royal Blue
Part number: 2135-4646
Royal Blue
Navy Blue

Currently, we have 0 available. Please contact us to inquire about lead times. Sorry, this item is currently out of stock, please contact us to confirm lead times and availability. You can click here to discover additional alternative recommendations.


  • Part number: 2135-4646
  • Comfortable Width: At 5/8" (16 mm) wide, these lanyards are designed for comfort and durability, perfect for all-day wear.
  • Easy Quick Release: Features a user-friendly quick-release mechanism, allowing for effortless removal with just a squeeze of the fingers.
  • Ideal for ID Accessibility: Excellent for professionals who need to frequently remove their ID cards, keeping them conveniently accessible.
  • Safety First: Equipped with a neck breakaway feature, adding an extra layer of safety in dynamic work environments.
  • Color Options: Available in black (2135-4645), royal blue (2135-4646), and navy blue (2135-4647), with no minimum order for black and royal blue.
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Step up your professional attire with our bold and comfortable 5/8" polyester lanyards. The perfect blend of style and functionality, these lanyards are designed to keep your ID badge visible and within easy reach. The breakaway design ensures safety, detaching quickly in case of snagging, as demonstrated in our video. The detachable swivel hook adds a layer of convenience, allowing you to quickly attach or remove any slot-punched photo ID badge or badge holder.

Currently, we offer black and royal blue with no minimum order requirement, making them ideal for both individual professionals and large organizations. For other colors, a minimum order of 100 pieces is required.

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