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Clear Vertical Permanent Locking Plastic Card Holder (P/N 1840-6045)

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Part number: 1840-6045

- Sold Individually

  • Clear Vertical Permanent Locking Plastic Card Holder
  • The Ultimate Badge Holder to Protect Your ID Card
  • ID Card Locks Permanently in Place
  • Fits Either Two Standard 30mil ID Badges or One Proximity / Prox Card
  • Added Protection for Digital Cards
  • Proximity Function Works as Normal from Inside the Card Protector
  • Comes with Slot and Neck Chain Holes
  • P/N 1840-6045 or IDS-92V
  • Horizontal Model Also Available Here

Permanent Locking ID Card Holder (P/N 1840-6045)

Our locking badge holder is designed to keep your ID badges securely locked into this rigid protected case. The end piece snaps permanently into the sturdy holder to keep up to two ID badges locked inside. The holder is very difficult to re-open, requiring it to be broken open or the top piece ripped off with sturdy pliers. This badge holder is not intended to be re-opened. Forcing the holder open can permanently destroy its ability to stay locked or break the holder.

No Minimum Quantity to Order.

Additional items in alternative photos are sold separately.

This is the same item as JAM part number IDS-92V and will work as a direct substitute.

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