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DATACARD 569946-001 Cleaning Sleeve Kit - 5 pack.

DATACARD 569946-001 Cleaning Sleeve Kit - 5 pack.

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  • Part number: 569946-001
  • Essential Cleaning Accessory: Pack of 5 adhesive cleaning sleeves for Datacard ID card printers.
  • Wide Printer Compatibility: Fits models including CP80, CD800, CP40 Plus, CP60 Plus, FP65i, FP65, SP25, SP25 Plus, SP35 Plus, SP55 Plus, SP60, SP75, SP75 Plus, SD160, SD260, SD360 (Replaces Datacard part number 549716-002)
  • Debris Removal: Ensures thorough cleaning of printer rollers to enhance print quality.
  • Printhead Protection: Reduces the risk of damage to the printhead, a vital printer component.
  • Printer Longevity: Contributes to the extended operational life of your Datacard printer.
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The Entrust (Datacard) 569946-001 Adhesive Coated Cleaning Sleeves are a critical component for the upkeep of your Datacard ID card printer. These sleeves are designed to attach to your printer's cleaning rollers, capturing dust and debris from cards during the printing process. Regular use of these adhesive cleaning sleeves not only produces cleaner, higher-quality prints but also preserves the condition and extends the lifespan of your ID card printer. Suitable for a wide array of Datacard printers, this pack of five ensures that your maintenance needs are covered for continuous, optimal printer functionality.

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