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Eco-Friendly Vinyl Strap Clips: Phthalates-Free & Recyclable - 2105-2045

Eco-Friendly Vinyl Strap Clips: Phthalates-Free & Recyclable - 2105-2045

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  • Part number: 2105-2045
  • Eco-Conscious Material: Crafted from recyclable vinyl and completely free from harmful phthalates, safeguarding your health and the planet.
  • Durable Design: Equipped with a nickel-plated steel clip for maximum security, ensuring your ID is always in place.
  • Versatile Use: Perfectly suited for a variety of environments, including educational institutions, businesses, and special events, for seamless ID display.
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Discover the environmentally conscious choice with our Earth-Friendly Vinyl Strap Clips 2105-2045. These phthalates-free and recyclable strap clips, featuring a durable nickel-plated steel clip, offer both safety and sustainability without compromising on functionality. Ideal for schools, corporations, and events aiming for eco-responsibility in their operations.

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