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Flat Braid Woven Lanyard With Nickel-Plated Steel Split Ring 2135-365X

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Part number: 2135-3651

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  • 3/8" (10 Mm) Flat
  • Braid Woven Lanyard
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Split Ring
  • Part Numbers: 2135-3651 Black, 2135-3652 Royal Blue, 2135-3653 Navy Blue, 2135-3654 Green, 2135-3655 Orange, 2135-3656 Red, 2135-3658 White, 2135-3659 Yellow, 2135-3663 Purple, 2135-3666 Teal, 2135-3667 Maroon

Flat Braid Woven Lanyard With Nickel-Plated Steel Split Key Ring 2135-365X

Durable, Soft to touch 3/8" (10 Mm) flat lanyard is comfortable to wear and lays flat under or above clothing. Great length of 36" with a stylish crimp finish. 


The attached nickel-plated split ring is great for carrying everyday necessary items such as keys, badge holders for photo ID/Smart Card, USB flash drives and/or other smaller tools. Make this your everyday, easy to grab keychain holder!


Color choices are: Black, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Purple, Teal or Maroon

Some colors may have a minimum of 100 to order