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Flat Lanyard with Key Ring - 3/8 Inch Non Breakaway Neck Lanyard for Keys or ID (2135-365X)

Flat Lanyard with Key Ring - 3/8 Inch Non Breakaway Neck Lanyard for Keys or ID (2135-365X)

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Color: Black
Part number: 2135-3651
Royal Blue
Navy Blue

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  • Part number: 2135-3651
  • 3/8 Inch Wide Flat Lanuyard
  • Tight Braid Woven Lanyard
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Split Ring (Keychain Key Ring)
  • Durable and Reliable for All Your Keys and IDs
  • Part Numbers: 2135-3651 Black, 2135-3652 Royal Blue, 2135-3653 Navy Blue, 2135-3654 Green, 2135-3655 Orange, 2135-3656 Red, 2135-3658 White, 2135-3659 Yellow, 2135-3663 Purple, 2135-3666 Teal, 2135-3667 Maroon
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Flat Lanyard with Key Ring - 3/8 Inch Non Breakaway Neck Lanyard for Keys or ID (2135-365X)


Premium Economy Lanyard with Key Ring: The Perfect Combination of Durability and Style!

Our economical and high-quality lanyards with key rings are designed to simplify your life while adding a touch of style. Useful and durable these lanyards offer exceptional durability without compromising on comfort. The 3/8" (10mm) flat lanyard is not only heavy but also tightly woven, ensuring maximum comfort during extended wear. It lays flat under or above your clothing, providing a professional look.

Equipped with a nickel-plated split ring, these lanyards are perfect for carrying everyday necessities such as keys, several hole punched badges or badge holders, USB flash drives, and smaller tools. With a length of 36" and a stylish crimp finish, this lanyard is functional and adds a touch of elegance to your routine, as well as piece of mind.

Customers are impressed by the quality of these lanyards, praising the excellent material and strength. With a great color selection to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your style. And the best part? These lanyards are affordably priced, so you can enjoy great quality without breaking the bank.

Upgrade your everyday routine with our Premium Lanyard with Key Ring. Simplify your life, stay organized, and add a touch of style. Get yours now and experience the perfect combination of durability and style!

Some colors may have a minimum of 100 to order

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