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IDP 653637 SMART-81D Dual Sided Retransfer Printer

IDP 653637 SMART-81D Dual Sided Retransfer Printer

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  • Part number: 653637
  • High-Definition Retransfer: Utilizes retransfer printing for detailed 300DPI resolution images.
  • Rapid Boot-Up: Ready for single-sided printing in 25 seconds; dual-sided in 43 seconds.
  • Diverse Card Compatibility: Suitable for unevenly surfaced cards, smart cards, and more.
  • Enhanced Security: Retransfer printing protects against counterfeiting and tampering.
  • Modular Design: Upgradeable components for tailored printer functionalities.
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The IDP 653637 SMART-81D is a retransfer duplex printer designed for high-definition card printing, offering a 300 dpi resolution. With a rapid boot-up speed, it's ready for single-sided card production in just 25 seconds, and for dual-sided printing in 43 seconds. The retransfer printing method ensures the printhead doesn't contact the card directly, instead, ink is applied to a clear film which is then laid onto the card. This produces high-definition, full-bleed graphics even on unevenly surfaced cards. For optimal security and durability, the IDP 653637 employs retransfer printing which inherently protects the card image. It's recommended for applications such as corporate IDs, government IDs, membership cards, and more.

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