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MINI-BAK #66 White Retractable Reel with 36” Nylon Cord, Vinyl ID Strap and Swivel Clip 0066-005

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MINI-BAK White Retractable Reel with 36" Nylon Cord, Vinyl ID Strap and Swivel Clip #66

The MINI-BAK #66 White ID Badge Holder by KEY-BAK is the most reliable, and highest quality option to keep your ID handy and secure in a hospital, hotel, school, or any other type of working environment requiring an ID badge or keys. This Badge Holder is made from an extremely durable white plastic, and has a smooth retractable reel with a 36" Nylon cord, making it easier for your keys or ID to reach their destination. The swivel alligator clip gives you the flexibility to wear your Retractable Reel on your belt, shirt, or anywhere you'd like, allowing you the freedom to use this product in your own convenient manner. This White Retractable Reel comes with a Vinyl ID Strap.

This reel has an alligator swivel clip just like the one pictured above, however, this reel is white, front and back.

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