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Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain, Length 30" (762mm) (P/N 2125-1500)

Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain, Length 30" (762mm) (P/N 2125-1500)

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  • Part number: 2125-1500
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain, Length 30" (762Mm)
  • P/N 2125-1500 or NC-30
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This nickel-plated steel beaded necklace chain is 30" (762mm) in length and has a connector. The bead size is No.3 (2.3mm), and it is a silver color. It has a strong and durable finish and is great for a variety of jewelry craft projects.

The 2135-1500 Nickel-Plated Steel Beaded Neck Chain is a functional and durable accessory, perfect tactical necklace wear for men and women. Measuring 30 inches in total length, this chain is made from high-quality nickel-plated steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear.

The included connector will work with each and every bead piece, so the necklaces can be cut at any point to adjust the size for the perfect fit. This versatile neck chain can be utilized for holding identification cards, badges, tags, keys, and they also work well for craft, jewelry ideas.

Minimum Order 100 Pieces

This is the same item as JAM part number NC-30 and will work as a direct substitute.

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