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SkimSAFE Shielded RFID Passport Protection Sleeve 153036 (AH-225)

SkimSAFE Shielded RFID Passport Protection Sleeve 153036 (AH-225)

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  • Part number: AH-225
  • Shielded RFID Passport Protection Sleeve
  • Thin and Durable
  • Tear and Water Resistant
  • P/N AH-225 or 153036
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SkimSAFE Shielded RFID Passport Protection Sleeve 153036 (AH-225)

The SkimSAFE passport protection sleeve 153036, part number AH-225, is a must have item for anyone traveling abroad, because when your passport and/or credit cards are slipped in through the top of the RFID passport protected sleeve, it will protect the sensitive data stored on your RFID enabled passport from unwanted skimming devices that are being used by thieves to target travelers for identity theft. With our SkimSAFE RFID blocking sleeves, you don't have to be a victim or put yourself at risk any longer.

While your passport is stored in the ultra thin holder, all RFID radio signals will be blocked. But when you're ready to allow your passport to be read, simply slide your passport out of the sleeve for an uninterrupted signal reading. When you have an AH-225, you don't have to be afraid of identity theft, because you can control when and where all your sensitive information can be read, which is how it should be.

This white RFID shielded passport protection sleeve is thin and durable, and water and tear resistant. It works with all standard passport sized badges and fits easily in your wallet, bag, pocket, or purse.

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