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Smart-Bit 651577 Ribbon Shredder by IDP

Smart-Bit 651577 Ribbon Shredder by IDP

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    • Security-Focused: Tailored for shredding printer ribbons to a degree that makes data reconstruction impossible.
    • Compact Footprint: Designed for easy integration into diverse environments, from office desks to centralized printing hubs.
    • Operational Efficiency: Capable of processing multiple ribbons simultaneously, reducing time and effort.
    • Sustainable Design: Transforms ribbons into small particles, simplifying recycling processes and promoting responsible waste management.
    • Safety Protocols: Incorporates features to ensure user safety, including an automatic shut-off mechanism upon unauthorized chamber access.
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The IDP Smart-Bit Ribbon Shredder is designed for the secure disposal of used printer ribbons. Recognizing the potential security risks associated with improperly discarded printer ribbons, this shredder provides a secure solution tailored to sectors that uphold the highest standards of data protection or even require it. 

The Smart-Bit 651577 Ribbon Shredder is ideally suited for institutions like hospitals, military, educational institutions, and governmental offices, where the preservation of confidentiality and data security is non-negotiable.

Box includes shredder, bin, powers supply and one disposable bag (shredder must be operated w/ disposable bags). One disposable bag can hold up to 8 YMCKO (250 print) color ribbons. Includes a 1 year manufacturer warranty.