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Specialist ID Handicap Hang Tag Holder (SPID-1120)

Specialist ID Handicap Hang Tag Holder (SPID-1120)

$5.99 ea. $5.99 ea.

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Size: 1 Pack
Part number: SPID-1120

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  • Part number: SPID-1120
  • Rigid Heavy Duty Construction - Holds Well Heat and Cold - DOES NOT INCLUDE HANDICAP PLACARD
  • Easy Hang Sleeve - Easily Slips Around Rear View Mirror Up to 1 ¼” Mirror Post
  • Perfect for Most State's Permits - Fits 4 1/2 Wide By 9 3/8 Tall - Fits Most Vans Cars & Trucks
  • Extends the Life of Your State Issued Parking Permit
  • For Safety and Visibility: Please Store Placard Above Sun Visor When Not in Use - Never Drive with Placard Hanging On Mirror
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Clear rigid vinyl vertical handicap holder, part number SPID-1120 can easily be attached to a vehicle's rearview mirror to store a handicap decal in a clear and visible location. Keep your decal visible and protected from the sun and heat with our new hang tag holder. 
Easily portable from one vehicle to another so that handicap parking space or lot is accessible to you at all times

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