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SPIDprox26HC HID Compatible Composite ISO Prox Cards With HICO Magnetic Strip

SPIDprox26HC HID Compatible Composite ISO Prox Cards With HICO Magnetic Strip

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  • 60/40 Composite Cards for High Heat Lamination Printers
  • HICO Magnetic Stripe
  • Printed/Encoded in USA
  • Fully HID™ Compatible.
  • Programmed, Standard 26 Bit (H10301) Format
  • Card Number in Lower Right Corner for Tracking Number Sequence
  • P/N SPIDprox26HC (1536LGGMN)
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SPIDproxHC HID™ (and more) Compatible 60/40 Composite Programmable Prox Cards

Specialist ID SPIDproxHC ISO PVC 60/40 composite printable proximity cards with HiCo magnetic stripe are recommended for laminating printers where high heat can warp or distort a standard PVC card. They are a reliable and cost-effective authentication solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. They use RFID technology, operate at 125 kHz, and come pre-programmed with a unique sequence of identification numbers.  The 26-bit format is widely supported, making the card compatible with many access control systems from different manufacturers. 

Versatile and secure, our cards are compatible with HID, AWID, Farpointe and more. They can be used in a variety of applications, including access control, time and attendance, and employee identification.  Great for businesses and corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, residential complexes, transportation and infrastructure, hotels, resorts, theme parks, entertainment venues, data centers, server rooms and more.

We keep a large stock of SPIDproxHC ready to go and they are programmed domestically for a speedy delivery turn around times of only 2-4 business days. They include a full lifetime warranty, and we are happy to provide some working samples which are available free of charge to test with your existing system before placing an order. 

Request a Working Sample:
Try a sample fully programmed card in your system before committing to a larger order with our free sample. Click Here

The following formats are available for encoding:
Standard 26 Bit H10301, 17 Bit Unique, 32 Bit Straight ID (No Parity), 33 Bit D10202 (DSX), 34 Bit N100022, 35 Bit Corporate 1000, 36 Bit C15001, 36 Bit N901157A, 36 Bit S12909, 36 Bit S12909E, 37 Bit (H10304), 37 Bit (H10302) Long ID Format, 37 Bit (I10304), 37 Bit (A10202), 48 Bit Corporate 1000, Initialized, AWID Compatible Formats including 50 Bit (RBH), 30 Bit Straight ID, ABA Format

SPIDproxC™ Compatible ISO Prox Cards are not produced by, endorsed by or in any way associated with the trademarks below. Our product is fully compatible with many of these devices but does not carry their branding.
HID is a registered trademark of HID Global Corporation, a division of Assa Abloy AB.
Farpointe Data is a registered trademark of Farpointe Data, Inc.
Indala is a registered trademark of Indala Corporation, a division of Assa Abloy AB.
Keri is a registered trademark of Keri Systems, Inc.
Kantech is a registered trademark of Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.
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