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Standard CR80 30mil Cards w/ HiCo Mag Stripe

Standard CR80 30mil Cards w/ HiCo Mag Stripe

$65.00 ea. $65.00 ea.

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Size: 500 Pack
Part number: SPID-9790-WHITE-Q500

Sorry we only have 3 currently available. Please adjust the quantity or contact us to check lead times for larger orders.


  • Part number: SPID-9790-WHITE-Q500
  • ***ATTENTION *** NOT DESIGNED FOR MOST POS SYSTEMS - THESE DO NOT WORK WITH ALOHA OR OTHER ENCODED / PROPRIETARY SYSTEMS - 3 Track (.5” Mag) programmability can be used with 1, 2, or 3 track reader / writers
  • GREAT FOR SMALL BUSINESS GIFT CARDS & LOYALTY CARDS - MAXIMUM READ / WRITE COMPATIBILITY - 3 Track (.5” Mag) programmability can be used with 1, 2, or 3 track reader / writers
  • OUR CARDS ARRIVE SAFE & SEALED - All Cards Arrive Sealed in Shrink Wrap - No Loose Cards Banging Around in Your Shipment - We Realize that Only Clean and Undamaged Cards will Work with Your Expensive Printer and Protect it for Years of Use
  • USA MADE!! HIGH-QUALITY IDCARD PRINTING CONSUMABLES - Print Your Logo or Your Face - Use with an Overlay or Not- Great Cards for Printing and Encoding for P.O.S. or Access Control
  • BRIGHT / CLEAR PRINTS - DURABLE CARDS - These Heavy Duty U.S.A. Made Cards Have a SUPER LOW Failure Rate and Work Great with All Machines - Best in Class Quality Card Manufacturing for Over 15 Years
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Standard CR80 30mil PVC Cards With HiCo Magnet Stripe
Manufactured in the USA | High Quality | Printable PVC

These are US manufactured, high quality standard White PVC Cards with HiCo magnetic strip. They work great with all standard ID Card Printers (Do not use with inkjet/HDP printers). They are quality inspected and will work as well as the more expensive branded cards from many of the ID Printer manufacturers. Each package of cards is factory sealed. CR80 Cards are the same size as a standard credit card or "new" style drivers license (3 3/8" x 2 1/8" x .030).


Please remember when handling your blank PVC cards.

  1. Always keep your cards in the shrink-wrap until they are loaded into the printer.
  2. If you have cards out of the shrink-wrap, store them in a zip-lock bag.
  3. Handle the blank cards by the edge of the cards, do not touch the surface that will be printed.
  4. If a card falls on the ground or is touched directly on the print surfaces, it’s best to just throw it away.
  5. Keep your printer in a clean environment and clean your printer regularly with the recommended cleaning kit for your printer model.
  6. It is a lot cheaper in the long run to follow these tips than have to replace a print-head.


For more best practices when handling PVC cards please see our blog article on the topic.

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