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Translucent Retractable Badge Reel with Non-Swivel Spring Clip (P/N 2120-473X)

Translucent Retractable Badge Reel with Non-Swivel Spring Clip (P/N 2120-473X)

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Color: Translucent White (clear)
Part number: 2120-4730
Translucent White (clear)
Translucent Blue
Translucent Green
Translucent Red

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  • Part number: 2120-4730
  • Translucent Retractable Badge Reel with Non-Swivel Spring Clip
  • 1-1/4" Diameter
  • 34" Retractable Cord Length
  • Standard Strap Clip for Attaching to Your ID Badge or Holder
  • Rated for 100,000 Pulls
  • Part Numbers: 2120-4730 Clear, 2120-4732 Blue, 2120-4734 Green, 2120-4735 Orange, 2120-4736 Red, 2120-4739 Yellow, 2120-4743 Purple
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This durable badge reel accessory combines convenience, security, and style for modern professionals who use an ID badge or badge holder.  The translucent reels allow you to see the insides of the reel, which is a unique and stylish feature. The sleek design seamlessly complements any outfit.  With a smooth retraction mechanism and ample 32 inch nylon cord length, you have a convenient and practical way to keep your ID badge accessible for display or swiping your card in a reader. The diameter is 1-1/4" which is quite standard among badge reels, making it discrete and suitable for various environments, from offices to medical facilities and events.

The strong spring clip allows this reel to be attached to almost all garments, including bags and belts. With its standard strap clip, you can clip any slot punched ID badge and almost any of our ID badge holders to this retractable cord. With no minimum order restrictions on this item, whether you are just grabbing one for yourself or for your entire office, we've got you covered.

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Please Note: Part Number 2120-4734 Green has a minimum order of 100.

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