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Vertical Half Card Holder for Magnetic Stripe Swipe Cards - Heavy Duty Gripper (SPID-1380)

Vertical Half Card Holder for Magnetic Stripe Swipe Cards - Heavy Duty Gripper (SPID-1380)

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  • Part number: SPID-1380
  • Suitable for Swipe Cards: Designed for employee work IDs, college campus student ID One Cards, and other magnetic stripe cards.
  • Secure and Easy Swiping: Ensures a tight grip on cards, allowing for seamless swiping without removal from the holder.
  • Fits Standard 8030 Size Badges: Compatible with standard-sized badges in a vertical layout, making it a practical choice for various organizations.
  • Attachable to Badge Reels: Can be used with a strap clip (sold separately) for easy connection to badge reels, facilitating quick access.
  • Flexible Purchase Options: Available without a minimum order requirement, suitable for both individual and bulk purchases.
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This Vertical Half Card Holder is designed for use with magnetic stripe swipe cards, such as employee work IDs and student ID One Cards. It holds cards securely, facilitating easy swiping. The holder is compatible with standard 8030 size badges, offering a vertical card layout. It's a practical accessory for professional purchasers in universities or large corporations, as well as for individual buyers. The holder can be combined with a strap clip (not included) for attachment to badge reels. Available for purchase in any quantity, with no minimum order. Note: Additional items shown in photos are sold separately.

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