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Vertical Oversized 4X7 Vinyl ID Badge & Ticket Holder (XL47.5V)

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  • Maximum insert dimensions: 4.125"(width) X 7.5" (height)
  • Slot and Chain Holes for Attachment
  • Card Slips in from the Top
  • Pit Pass Size Credential and Ticket Holder
  • Perfect Fit for Major Sporting Event Tickets
  • Fits- NASCAR, INDY Car, NFL Super Bowl, All Star Game, World Cup and most Playoff Tickets
  • 4x7.5 Usable Dimensions
  • P/N XL47.5V

Vertical Oversized 4x7 Vinyl ID Badge Holder (XL47.5V)

Maximum Insert 4.125" X 7.5" This 4 X 7.5 vertical oversize vinyl badge holder is one of our most popular over size holders for major events. Many sporting events use large format tickets that will work great with this holder. Printing your own tickets online to a regular sheet of paper also fit with minimum folding. This holder is made for 4" X 7 1/2" over sized badges, playoff tickets, event passes and more. It hangs vertically and has slot and chain holes for easy attachment to your lanyards, badge reels, neck chains etc. The vinyl is very flexible and strong, allowing it to stretch if grabbed or pulled way before it will break.

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Vertical Oversized 4X7 Vinyl ID Badge & Ticket Holder (XL47.5V)