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Wide Breakaway Lanyard with Key Ring 2138-365X

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Part number: 2138-3651

  • Width: 5/8" (16 mm)
  • Material: Microweave Polyester
  • Attachment: Nickel Plated Steel Split Ring (Key Ring)
  • Part Numbers: 2138-3651 Black, 2138-3652 Royal Blue, 2138-3654 Green, 2138-3655 Orange, 2138-3656 Red, 2138-3658 White

Wide Breakaway Lanyard with Key Ring 2138-365X

Our 5/8" wide lanyard allows for great color coding for quick identification or to show school/team colors. The nickel plated steel split ring works great for attaching keys or even an ID badge to the lanyard directly or with one of our ID to Key ring adapters. The safety breakaway feature let's this lanyard snap apart and be snapped back together if it is caught or pulled. The ribbed polyester is comfortable and light weight. with a 36" total circumference, this lanyard is perfect for displaying your credentials.