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Wrist Coil With 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring 2140-630X

Wrist Coil With 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring 2140-630X

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Color: Black
Part number: 2140-6301

Sorry we only have 1450 currently available. Please adjust the quantity or contact us to check lead times for larger orders.


  • Part number: 2140-6301
  • Expandable Wrist Coil Keychain
  • 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring
  • Attach Keys, Hole Punched ID Badges or Access Cards
  • Part Numbers: 2140-6300 Clear, 2140-6301 Black, 2140-6304 Green, 2140-6306 Red
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Wrist Coil With 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring 2140-630X

The Wrist Coil with 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring (2140-630X) is a practical and versatile accessory for keeping keys, ID cards, or small items securely on your wrist. This wrist coil is designed for convenience and ease of use, providing a hands-free option for carrying essentials.

The coil is made from durable materials that offer flexibility and resilience. It can stretch and retract without losing its shape, ensuring a comfortable fit on your wrist. The coil expands to accommodate items and then returns to its original shape when not in use, keeping everything secure and organized.

The 7/8" nickel-plated split ring provides a reliable attachment point for keys, ID cards, or other small items. The split ring is sturdy and resistant to rust or corrosion, ensuring that your belongings stay safely attached to the wrist coil.

The wrist coil is designed to be worn comfortably on the wrist, allowing for easy access to your essentials without the need for pockets or bags. It is particularly useful in situations where you need to keep your hands free, such as during sports activities, outdoor adventures, or work environments.

Whether you need a practical solution for carrying keys or ID cards, the Wrist Coil with 7/8" Nickel-Plated Split Ring (2140-630X) offers a reliable and convenient option. Its durable construction, comfortable fit, and secure attachment make it an essential accessory for keeping your items within reach at all times.

Minimum Order 250 Pieces

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