The Most Comfortable Lanyards Made From the Softest Materials

The Most Comfortable Lanyards Made From the Softest Materials

You need comfortable lanyards made from the softest materials, particularly if people wear them all day at work or at a convention.

Let's explore options that are ideal for employees, convention guests, or any other team that needs easy-to-wear, soft lanyards. We have a wide selection of products available online, which makes it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

Top 3 Most Comfortable Lanyards


1. Breakaway Lanyards

Black breakaway lanyards, a clean look that is appropriate for just about any event or job, and on top of that this design is extremely comfortable. Despite being soft to the touch, this material is rugged enough to be weather resistant should you need it for outdoor events or long-term use. One of the things people love about wearing this soft lanyard is that it offers you a way to carry tools or miscellaneous objects that might be a common necessity in your line of work. It has a built-in fuse clip that is perfect for attaching your ID badge.








2. EK Detachable Lanyard

This EK detachable Lanyard is super soft and lightweight, which makes it very comfortable. However, its also 100% nylon, which means it can handle pretty much any weather condition if you need it for outdoor use. Professionals who need to display IDs at all times will appreciate how durable this lanyard is as well. This is a popular lanyard for events like fishing, climbing, skiing, camping, and other outdoor recreation activities that need to maintain a little order. It's so comfortable to wear that there's a good chance the people using it will forget it is even there.

No matter what job you're in, you will need to carry multiple items. Maybe those are your ID badge and two different keys, or some other accessory or necessity.

No matter the case, these multi-ended, soft lanyards are both comfortable and versatile, making them a common choice for people who need lanyards in a wide range of industries. Keep all your easy access items in reach and ready to go at all times with this multi-loop extra secure lanyard.



EK USA is an American Company that focuses on ID accessory Development. The brand offers sharp, professional and comfortable lanyards to people in a wide range of industries. Their soft lanyards are popular choices for people from outdoor recreation guides to medical professionals.

3. Adjustable Length Lanyard

These lanyards come in different designs and patterns, such as plain, striped, polka dots, animal print, geometric shapes, etc. They can be single color or multi-colored, and some even include LED lights. You can choose the length of the lanyard, whether it is long enough to tie around the neck or short enough to wear on the belt loop. Some of them even have a clip attached to one end to keep it secure while wearing.



Specialist ID offers wholesale lanyards for any professional or recreational setting. We guarantee quality from your first point of contact to the moment your goods arrive. When you work with us, you get a secure, simple experience. We are confident in our competitive prices, and we encourage you to pick our brains about the best lanyard for your scenario. We love answering your questions about function and style for any of our offerings. 

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