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EK Lanyard Plus with Detachable Soft End (10252) by EK USA

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Part number: 10252-Black


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  • Breakaway Lanyard with Detachable Soft End
  • Great for Keys, ID Cards, and Outdoor Accessories
  • Rugged 100% Nylon Rope
  • Part Numbers: 10252-BLACK

EK Lanyard Plus with Detachable Soft End (10252) by EK USA

This EK Lanyard Plus with Detachable Soft End, part number, 10252 is a beautiful 100% nylon lanyard that was designed to live up to the rugged conditions of the outdoor lifestyle, yet also serves as a great option for those working in a professional field where personnel are required to display a visible form of identification at all times . This lanyard with a loop was designed for both recreational purposes such as hiking, fly fishing, climbing, skiing, camping, and practical purposes like outdoor work, holding keys, ID cards, memory sticks and for many other various activities. Because it is completely non-metallic it is also an attractive choice for electrical workers and employees that have to regularly pass through sensitive security systems, such as officers who have to walk through metal detectors in prisons, and more.

Measuring in at 30” total circumference, this lanyard was designed to fit just above the belly button of an average sized person, providing a comfortable and convenient location for one to easily access their items. This lanyard contains an adjustable clinch so that its user can increase or decrease the size of the loop around their neck depending each user's own personal preference. This lanyard features a rubber connection as a safety breakaway feature, so that if one were to snag their lanyard on something and become choked, it would snap apart and relieve the pressure. Although this lanyard cautions its users not to perform this action unnecessarily because, “It is not a reusable clasp”, we have found that it can still be put back together and work just fine as long as this action isn't abused.


EK Lanyard Plus with Detachable Soft End (10252) by EK USA