4 Benefits Of Student ID Cards and Badges

4 Benefits Of Student ID Cards and Badges

As the debate over reopening schools and classrooms continues across the United States, security experts and public health officials agree that student and personnel accountability is one of the best measures campus administrators can adopt. Thankfully, this measure is reasonably easy to implement; in fact, many schools have already adopted it for various reasons, and it will enable them to manage and restrict foot traffic in order to mitigate contagion risk.

If you graduated from college or high school in the early years of the 21st century, you may have kept your laminated student ID card as a memento, and you may have used it exclusively at the library. These days, student badges have replaced ID cards, and they provide various benefits.

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1. Student ID Cards and Badges Help With Overall Security

This is the most important benefit, and it will prove to be very valuable when the time comes for students to return to the classroom even before a working COVID-19 is available. Everyone from students to teachers and from school workers to visitors can be easily identified, and administrators can determine if people are not supposed to be on campus unless they are carrying a badge.

2. Student ID Cards and Badges Can Streamline Operations

The old student ID number printed on a card has been replaced with highly efficient barcodes or QR codes that can be scanned at the library, cafeteria, laboratories, and even classrooms where standard tests are taken. These codes correspond to the student’s grades and academic records.

Custom Badge Buddy

3. Student ID Cards and Badges Help With Establishing Connections

Badges can be customized with logos, color schemes, and images that are representative of the institution. This practice can go a long way in terms of instilling a sense of belonging and fostering school spirit. Lanyards and badge buddies can also be customized with colors and lettering. In the community, school badges can motivate business owners to offer special discounts and loyalty programs to students and employees.

4. Student ID Badges are Durable

Old-fashioned identification cards are easy to misplace. Some students find them in drawers and boxes long after they have graduated. Larger badges made with durable card stock are designed to last well beyond the school year, and they can also be used for some extracurricular activities such as athletic competitions, social events, and field trips; this will make students value their badges, thus making them more conscious about not losing them.

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