Collection: COVID-19 Emergency Response

New COVID-19 Emergency Response Products

As the United States prepares to restart activity in some sectors of its economy, questions remain about the various methods that would need to be implemented to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus. Identifying individuals by their history of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 has been mentioned as one way to prevent localized and extended outbreaks; however, this would include the screening of millions not just for the virus but also for the presence of antibodies, and it may present management challenges. One thing that public health officials agree on is that controlling viral spread at healthcare facilities is non-negotiable.

Research has shown that a large number of individuals who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 will not develop or even feel symptoms; it is for this reason that social distancing measures should be practiced at all times. At healthcare facilities such as hospitals and clinics, social distancing measures are not enough; these are places where management of screening systems is required, and where COVID-19 pre-screened patient bands are ideal.

COVID-19 Alert Wristbands

As part of the emergency response protocols needed to contain the spread of SARS-CoV-2, Specialist ID has expanded its online store catalog with products to help with identification, notification, protection, and screening. We offer two kinds of patient and visitor wristbands that can augment the screening, triage, and isolation practices of healthcare facilities:

SuperBand Patient Wristband

This plastic wristband, which can be fastened with a strong locking snap, is pre-printed with a “COVID-19 Pre-Screened” designation along with calendar numbers for the month and date when the test was conducted. A variety of colors makes these patient wristbands ideal for healthcare facilities to classify their screening strategy; for example, blue bands can be used for the standard recovery period of 10 days or two weeks for asymptomatic patients while patients with symptoms can be fitted with bands in other colors.

Tyvek Patient Wristband

A more economical choice for larger facilities that need to track both patients and visitors is the COVID-19 pre-screened Tyvek band with adhesive fastener. As with the previously listed solution, these bands are pre-printed with a “pre-screened” designation as well as calendar numbers so that the date can be easily marked by personnel in charge of taking a temperature or conducting tests. These products are available in eight colors and are sold in boxes containing a thousand units.

Other COVID-19 Emergency Response Items at Specialist ID

To increase the safety and efficiency of your premises, we also offer the following items:

* KN95 protective masks for non-medical use.

* Isolation alert clasp signs to identify areas where patients are recovering.

* Social distancing badges to remind everyone about the need to keep safe distances from each other.

* Medical-grade surgical masks.

* No-touch door opener and manipulation tool for spaces where nosocomial infections are suspected.

* Identification badges and access cards for healthcare professionals.

At Specialist ID, we are happy to answer your questions about our COVID-19 emergency response products. If you have questions about our company or about the ordering process, do not hesitate to get in touch with our office today.