6 Tools To Use To Avoid Coming In Contact With Germs

6 Tools To Use To Avoid Coming In Contact With Germs

Germ awareness is an at all-time high as people do their best to mitigate COVID-19 exposure. Across the world, the past year has seen people don face masks, constantly apply hand sanitizer, and even wear gloves in an effort to diminish the risk of spreading the virus. But as it turns out, protecting oneself from infection and nasty germs isn’t limited to just good hand hygiene face protection. 

What else can be done? 

You might be surprised to discover that there are clever PPE tools and tips for reducing the risk of germ contact and spread. And they won’t necessarily be found in your grocery store’s cleaning aisle. 

In this guide we’ll look at 6 such tools to use to avoid coming into contact with germs, as well as how to use them and where to find them. 

Full Face Protective Shield

By this point in the pandemic, you’ve likely seen face shields on grocery store clerks or frontline workers. 

The ETG grade plastic (Latex free) mask covers your entire face and some of your neck. It fits comfortably via an ergonomic headrest that’s adjustable for any size. And it meets the qualifications for healthcare professionals (Pursuant to Section 564(d)(1) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act). Now, as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says, the face shield cannot be worn alone. A face mask that covers the mouth and nose underneath is still a requirement and youre best bet in the fight against coronavirus. However, it can add additional protection, especially for those who work in busy, high traffic atmospheres like hospitals, schools, or ware houses.

Designed to protect even the sides of your face with its wrap around construction, the face shield is a comfortable option to up your PPE strategy.

Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool

Consider for a moment how many surfaces you come into contact with each day. There are the chairs and tables within your home, but then there are the doors, desks, not to mention bathrooms, you likely touch in public spaces, even amidst quarantine orders. Touching these surfaces is often inescapable. Even pens used to sign checks or receipts are something many businesses haven’t been able to replace.

What’s a person to do? Some have taken to wearing gloves, both winter and plastic options, while others have discovered the Heavy Duty No Touch Door Opener Tool. This device is as small as a house key, but as powerful as having an additional appendage.

Basically it gives you an extension by which to touch surfaces you don’t want to. Need to punch in a code on an ATM? Use the Door Opener Tool. Need to head outside of a busy post office? Open the door with the door opener tool. Have to flush the toilet in a questionable rest stop? Reach for your door opener tool. Made from solid brass, the copper alloy reduces germ spread, keeping you safe in the process.

Face Mask Lanyard 

The CDC has been adamant that people should avoid touching their faces to limit the spread of COVID-19. However, that’s easier said than done when you’re also supposed to be wearing a mask, a tool that leads you to touch your face each time you remove it. 

What’s the solution? Face mask lanyards. These lanyards attach to the elastic bands on a face mask, minimizing face contact, while also keeping the mask off dirty surfaces each time you remove it. Comfortable and safe, they’re a great choice for any profession, from doctors to janitors and everything in between. 

Kids Face Mask Lanyards

If face mask lanyards for adults make sense, then they’re a genius idea when deployed on kids. Help your little one never lose their mask again with one of these colorful face mask lanyards. Comfortable and designed for small faces, they attach easily to any face mask. 

Kids can wear them at school, running errands, or on the playground, and when it’s time to take off their face mask — say for lunch — you can breathe easy knowing their mask won’t be resting on a dirty school surface, but rather hanging around their neck.

Six Feet Social Distancing Badge Buddies

Wish people would back off? Say it with this very clear badge buddy. Rather than constantly reminding people of the six feet social distance recommendation by the CDC, just wear this badge buddy that spells it all out. You’ll spare yourself some annoying conversations while keeping yourself safe in the process.

Mask Caddy™ 

Avoid the hassle of showing up at the bank or grocery story without a mask ever again by using this Specialist ID mask caddy. Simply attach it to your rearview mirror, then every time you get in your car hang your mask from it. It will keep your mask off dirty seats while also putting it in plain sight so you never forget it again.

Want to find more clever tools that can help keep you healthy and safe? Visit SpecialistID.com to find more.
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