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5 Pack - Extra Large Six Feet Social Distancing Badge Buddies with Clothing Friendly Badge Clips

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Part number: SPID-9920-RED-Q5

Sold in Pack of 5

    • Use with your existing badge holder, lanyard or retractable badge reels
    • Visible display from safe sight 6 ft distance
    • Includes 5 Badge Buddies with 5 Clothing Friendly Badge Bulldog Clips
    • Designed and printed in the USA
    • Waterproof, Durable, Long Lasting
    • Pass Measure 3 3/8" Wide by 4 1/8" High

5 Pack - Extra Large Six Feet Social Distancing Badge Buddy with Clothing Friendly Badge Clip

Looking for an easy and polite way to ask others to stand back a bit?  Now your customer service team can help guests without having to ask them to move back.  This custom message asks in a nice tone (and from a distance) to stand six ft back, but let's the customer or patient know that they will be looked after and helped out.  

These can be worn by themselves, but are also designed to fit behind an existing horizontal ID badge (even when used with a badge holder).  No need to worry about the placard flipping around because the message will face forward no matter what, we've printed these on the front and back. Included clothing friendly badge clips make it easy to clip to any clothing item without risk for damage. They clip well to shirts, pockets, lapel, belt loop and more.

Heavy Duty, waterproof and practically unbreakable.  These are great for any rugged environment and are awesome for fast paced medical buildings and reception areas.  Easy to clean and hang when not in use.  Great for all customer service employees or business staff to wear. These are the same high quality materials we’ve used to print hall passes for schools for years and teachers and administrators have been very happy with how long the passes hold up and how long they last.   Whether you’re operating in a warehouse, university campus, mall kiosk, retail store, grocery store or restaurant, you’ll be able to clearly send a message that you care for your customers, while politely requesting that they give you and your team six feet of socially acceptable distance.


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