8 Unique ID Badges for Nurses and Doctors Working in Hospitals

8 Unique ID Badges for Nurses and Doctors Working in Hospitals

For hospital staff, an ID badge generally comes with the uniform. 

It’s required—and not just because it lets other staff members remember who they work with. Ultimately, badges are a form of safety. With critical, sometimes life-saving information being passed to hospital staff on a daily basis, it’s critical that patients and their families be able to quickly and easily recognize personnel. 

For nurses, who manage so much patient care, having a clear ID can make someone’s hospital stay just a little bit easier. But no two ID badges are alike, and for some nurses and hospitals, one may be better than another. 

Here, we’ll look at 8 unique ID badges for nurses and doctors working in hospitals.


1. RN BSN Registered Nurse Horizontal Badge Buddy

RN badge buddy


No one wants to be questioned on their expertise, least of all an RN BSN—a Registered Nurse with a bachelor's degree of science in nursing. The BSN refers to an extra level of education for many nurse specialties and making it clear on a badge could be important to both the nurse themselves, and hospital staff. 

With this RN BSN Nurse Horizontal Badge Buddy, the nurse’s title is clearly and boldly noted at the bottom of the badge, which also gives room for the addition of pins or other name tag flair that are popular in hospitals these days.

2. "Doctor" Vertical Badge Buddy with Orange Border



Doctor badge buddy


In intense emergency situations, being able to be quickly identified as the doctor in charge is paramount. While having small letters reading MD on our badge buddy might seem like a way to stay humble, for a patient with poor eyesight or who speaks English as a second language, it can be detrimental. SpecialistID’s "Doctor" Vertical Badge Buddy with Orange Border avoids that confusion by putting the word doctor in bold letters at the bottom of the badge. No more need for questions like “Are you a doctor?” The badge says it all. 


3. Yoke Stethoscope ID Tags - Blank with Write on Surface (Cardio & Cardiology Compatible)



stethoscope tag


The first time someone might interact with a doctor in a hospital is when they step behind the curtain to have their heart rate taken. That’s why SpecialistID’s Yoke Stethoscope ID Tag is so clever. It allows a doctor to write their name on the yoke and attach it to their stethoscope so a patient can instantly identify them. 


4. Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Elastic Band and Hook and Loop Clasp (ABH-V)

vertical armband badge holder


While a lanyard badge is by far the most popular option in hospitals, it doesn’t work for some doctors—especially those who find themselves in emergent or busy situations, like in the ER. That’s why the Vertical Armband Badge Holder offers a nice solution. Rather than sit across the chest, it straps on to the arm so that an MD can keep their ID on them at all times, but not in their way. 


5. Pin Buddy Badge for Displaying Pins with Badge Buddies - Horizontal



pin badge buddy


While nurses have popularized the ID badge pin look filled with different accessories that suggest a little bit more about their personalities than just a pair of playful scrubs, doctors are getting in on the fun too. That’s why SpecialistID offers an ID badge that comes with an additional length of material to add any flair a doctor might want, like, for example, a breast cancer awareness pin or favorite sports team pin. This pin buddy badge is guaranteed to offer security for doctors and nurses alike. 


6. Premium Vinyl Vertical Two Pocket Badge Holder



vertical two pocket badge holder


Not everyone wants to or can carry around a wallet all day. That’s why the Premium Vinyl Vertical Two Pocket Badge Holder from SpecialistID is so handy. Rather than lock a wallet in a locker or walk around with it bulging out of your pocket all day, this two pocket tool can hold a badge as well as a security pass, credit card, or bus pass. 



7. Nurse Practitioner Student Horizontal Badge Buddy with Blue Border



nurse practitioner  student badge buddy


Like a Driver’s Ed sign on top of a car, it’s important to know who the student nurses are on a hospital floor. SpecialistID had made this simple by making them their own designated badge that clearly states NURSE PRACTITIONER STUDENT in blue at the bottom of the name plate. And for added security, the nurse practioner student badge is designed with it printed on both sides of the card, so the text will be visible even if the ID is flipped around.


8. "Nurse Midwife" Horizontal Badge Buddy with Red Border



nurse midwife badge buddy

The delivery room is no place to be questioning someone’s identity—be it the father, the doctor, or the midwife. For women who have included midwife in their birthing plan, ensuring that she can easily access the patient’s room is a big concern. But it’s equally important for hospital staff and for the safety and security of other patients. That’s why this horizontal badge buddy with red borders can be so helpful. 

Final Thoughts

An ID badge is one way to make sure patients and visitors to hospitals stay safe. Hospital badges come with a variety of features designed to help keep people safe when visiting a medical facility. They can also help hospitals identify staff members quickly when they need them most.

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