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Badge Reels for Nurses: 4 Most Important Features

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During some of the most challenging times, moments experienced by healthcare professionals in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a woman in Ohio decided to inject some artful creativity into some of the hospitals close to her community. Stacie Kearns evaluated the badge reels that were part of nursing uniforms in her area, and she improved with colorful and stylish designs based on variations of the word “HOPE.” The idea was to uplift the spirits of nurses working double shifts to care for patients infected with the dangerous coronavirus that devastated the United States in 2020.

Personalized Badge Reels For Nurses

The badge reels typically worn by nurses and other healthcare professionals hang from lanyards and are meant to be highly visible; the aforementioned Ms. Kearns of Ohio took this into consideration when designing the colorful badges because she wanted patients, visitors, and journalists to take notice of the hopeful message at a time when it is sorely needed.

We tend to look at badge reels as simple accessories, but these items play a strategic role in securely holding onto important medical IDs and access cards, thereby keeping them safe in your day-to-day work life. When you think about it, badge reels are as crucial as personal protective equipment for nurses working in hectic work environments. While most badge reels appear to look quite similar, not all are created equal in terms of their functionality and features. When looking to determine whether a badge reel is best for your unique needs as a nurse, here are a number of key features to consider before placing an order online.





Most Important Badge Reel Features:

A 360-Degree Rotating Swivel Clip

Fully rotating swivel clips are perfect for quickly presenting your ID badge to others and demonstrating that you do indeed have clearance to access specific areas of your medical facilities or office spaces. It doesn’t matter which direction you need to show your badge, the 360-degree rotating swivel clip on a badge reel will have you covered. Should the badge holder be used to open doors or to access medication and laboratory systems, the swivel becomes even more important because you need flexibility.

No-Twist Design

Owning a badge reel that can easily get caught and twisted is not just a nuance, but could also pose a potential threat to your safety if it gets snagged on the wrong thing while working. When looking for an excellent badge reel for the nursing profession, research if the product description mentions a no-twist design or twist-free end fitting. Nurses know that their work environment presents many situations in which badge reels can get caught; we are talking about bed frames, poles that hold intravenous solutions, medication carts, monitors, vital signs measurement devices, and many others. Another feature that goes hand-in-hand with a no-twist design is the badge’s ability to be quickly detached in an emergency. Nurses who work in emergency rooms or in psychiatric wards know that patients are bound to become unstable at certain times, and they may pull medical staff by their lanyards; this is the kind of situation when you really want to have a quick-release system.



Durable, Heavy-Duty Capabilities

To ensure your badge reel holds up well with regular daily use, you want to make sure you are investing in a quality, durable product that boasts heavy-duty capabilities. If you have a heavier badge or need to carry an additional item or two on your badge reel, heavy-duty construction isn’t just a good idea, but in many ways a necessity so that none of your belongings fall off with wear over time. For heavy-duty performance, in many instances, Key-Bak products perform best. Their products have been designed with durability and strength in mind for over 70 years. To determine if a badge reel is indeed heavy-duty, check and see if the product incorporates a Kevlar card, poly-carbonate case, and/or boasts the ability to carry at least 4 ounces. At the same time, you want a badge reel that can withstand several pulls each day. A nurse who works in an intensive care unit, for example, would likely carry a magnetic access card that he or she is expected to use dozens of times per shift.

Lifetime Service Policy

This noteworthy product feature isn’t essential, but in many ways indicates the quality of a good badge reel. Quality always matters when it comes to work-related apparel and accessories. If a company believes so strongly in the design and construction of a product they are selling, then they may feel confident to stand behind it and offer a manufacturer’s lifetime service policy. This idea is true even when it comes to badge reels for nurses. If you ever decide to purchase any badge reels from Key-Bak, then know that the initial price tag is well worth the investment as their products come with an excellent lifetime service policy.

At Specialist ID, we work hard to provide you some of the largest and best selection of badge reel products available on the market today. We offer competitive wholesale pricing with no minimum order quantities and specialize in all things related to ID accessories. Our catalog also includes items such as custom-made lanyards, carabiner clips, and ID card stock.



We are here to help you make the best and most informed decision before purchasing a badge reel for your medical professionals. If you have any questions regarding any of our badge reels or other ID accessory products, don’t hesitate to check out Specialist ID or contact us through our online contact form.

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