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5 Must-have Accessories For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Take some time to do the things you love as you enjoy the last few hot weeks of the year and the transition into autumn weather. This is the perfect time to go explore or take a short trip with your family or friends. To help you prepare, here are five must-have accessories for your adventurous weekend.

T-Reign Retractable Gear Tether

For a more active lifestyle, the T-Reign Small Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether is the perfect accessory for a hike or weekend camping trip. This practical accessory can fasten to a belt loop or backpack and can hold lightweight tools, mini flashlights, mini multi-tools, and a four-oz. compass. This is great for navigating through various terrains and when wearers need to keep their hands free. The stainless steel loop allows them to detach and reattach their items. There are three different attachment styles to choose from: a carabiner, a steel rotating belt clip, and a hook and loop strap. This durable product also has a lifetime service policy from the manufacturer.

T-Reign Small Heavy Duty Retractable Gear Tether 0TRG-41X

E.K. Lanyard Plus II

If you want a lanyard that can handle the outdoors with ease, the Black EK Lanyard Plus II with Two Detachable Soft End Loops is the lanyard for you. Its double-loop design and compact-yet-ample dimensions is ideal for recreational activities, such as hiking, fly fishing, climbing, skiing, camping, and practical purposes like outdoor work, holding keys, ID cards, memory sticks, and many other various activities. The detachable buckles allow you to easily release the tools you need and reattach them when you’re done. You can also take this lanyard with you to the office once your long weekend is over. Since it is nonmetallic, the 100% nylon design will prevent false alarms with metal detectors or other sensitive security systems. Take a look at our demonstration to see this great product in action.

Waterproof ID Badge Holder

The Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder is just right for boating, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The secure waterproof container can easily fit up to 10 standard credit card size ID badges, but can also store items including your driver’s license, credit cards, cash, and keys. This waterproof badge holder comes with an O-ring that keeps out water and dust, which will come in handy especially when around sand and pools or lakes. It also comes with a nylon lanyard that has a breakaway clip and a carabiner for multiple carrying options. The crush-resistant shell comes in eight translucent colors, so you can choose your favorite! 

Witz See It Safe Waterproof ID Badge Holder (P/N 004)

Key-Bak Heavy Duty Badge Reel Carabiner

The super Key-Bak Heavy Duty Badge Reel Carabiner is made out of virtually indestructible industrial strength polycarbonate material and includes a 48" kevlar cord. This durable badge reel is guaranteed to carry 8–10 ounces of gear (or up to 15 keys and multiple ID cards). The steel carabiner fastens to anything you can hang it from and secures everything from keys, flashlights, GPS, and small hand tools for easy access. This badge reel is guaranteed to keep up with you and the adventurous activities you have planned. The Key-Bak Heavy Duty Badge Reel also comes with a Lifetime Service Policy from the manufacturers. 

Key-Bak Heavy Duty Badge Reel Carabiner with Key Ring and 48" Cord (488B-HDK) 488B-HDK

Vertical Reflective Armband ID Holder

If you don’t want to worry about carrying too much, then try the Vertical Reflective Armband ID Holder. Insert one of your essential ID badges through the top and forget about it until you need to take it out. The adjustable and secure armband flexes with your movement and allows for a full range of motion. The reflective vinyl provides additional safety precautions when weather conditions may impair visibility and can be seen at night. You can stay hands-free and fully enjoy your outdoor activities. This armband ID holder is available in three reflective colors.

Vertical Reflective Armband ID Holder (R504-ARN)

Whether you’re hiking, camping, or fishing, these products will make sure your essentials are protected while you have fun. Check out the Specialist ID website for all your lanyard, badge holder, and badge reel needs!

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