How Armband ID Badge Holders Can Help Workers In Active Environments

How Armband ID Badge Holders Can Help Workers In Active Environments

ID badges are important workplace accessories. They can help a manager swiftly identify teammates, give staffers access to secure spaces, and double as branding tools when employees are off-site. Generally worn on a lanyard or badge reel, these ID badge tools are great, but sometimes they can get in the way in active environments.

Take, for instance, construction workers. Teetering 10 stories up on scaffolding isn’t an ideal place to have a lanyard flapping in the wind. In fact, it could be potentially hazardous.

Or consider forest-fire fighters. Sent into extremely dangerous situations, not only do other firefighters need to be able to quickly identify their partners, but they need to be able to do so in safe ways. A badge reel hanging from the belt loop of a helitack pilot sent in to drop gallons upon gallons of water on a forest fire is an OK solution to the ID badge problem. But a better one is using an ID armband. Easily attached with elastic to the bicep, this option puts the ID in the line of sight while preventing it from moving around by securing it directly to the body. 

But armband ID badge holders aren’t just great for construction workers and firefighters. In this guide we’ll look at how these bands can help all kinds of workers in active environments.


When you’re on base or cantonment, you could be doing any number of activities, from courses on a computer, to training exercises out in the field. That’s where the ID badge holder, like Specialist ID’s Raine Military ID Badge Armband Holder with Two Straps 

comes in. Whether it’s night drills or 5 a.m. PT, this armband stays comfortably in place allowing armed services members full use of their body while they serve and protect. 

The bright orange material makes the armband ID badge holder easy to spot. But the wearer can also pull a uniform over it in case it needs to be concealed. The adjustable strap is one-size-fits all, so even if a military member bulks up during training, it will still fit perfectly.

High Rise Window Washer

Safely navigating the elements is one of the biggest challenges high rise window washers face. There’s wind, rain, snow, and other environmental hazards to contend with, making a standard ID badge a non-starter.

But a Specialist ID Oversize Vertical Armband Badge Holder (1840-7110) is just the solution the job calls for. With this oversize vertical badge holder securely in place, a window washer can focus on the job at hand rather than fussing with their ID.


Coaches often find themselves working out just as hard as their athletes, running up and down the court, demonstrating drills, cheering on their teams, or just showboating for the crowd. But on most campuses, gyms, and stadiums, you can’t just stroll into the locker room without an official ID, even if you’re the championship leader.

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The Vertical Armband ID Badge Holders with Elastic Strap is the perfect marriage of sporty and professional and uniquely designed to serve coaches needs. It fits a credit card size badge fits comfortably over a sweat suit or a game-day three piece suit. 

Septic Tank Technician

Is there a more sticky situation than working on a septic tank? Okay, arguably, yes. But this is one of the dirtiest jobs out there and the last thing a septic tank technician needs is to splatter their ID with, well, you know.

The Horizontal Armband with Strap (504-AR1B & 504-AR1W) can prevent such a mishap. Because its elasticity allows it to flex with the body, the technician won’t have to worry about losing their ID in the process or getting it filthy, even in a tight spot.

Healthcare Professionals

Often the work of healthcare professionals is a messy job. There are bodily fluids to deal with, medicines to administer, and bandages and support devices to operate. All of which cannot be interrupted with distractions like an ID badge getting in the way.

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An armband, however, is an out of sight, out of mind solution. And the Arm Band ID Badge Holder by EK USA (10451) from Specialist ID is the answer. Simple, adjustable, and larger than your average ID holder, it can accommodate 4 1/2" X 2 ⅞ badges, so there’s no worry about cramming an ID in. 


When was the last time you saw an elementary teacher sitting? It rarely happens between the ring of the first and last bell. In this go-go-go career, educators are constantly on their toes keeping children occupied learning their three Rs and more. That kind of active environment might be better suited to an arm band badge holder like Specalist ID’s High Visibility Bright Neon Armband ID Card Badge Holders (AC-025). This armband’s high visibility makes it perfect for the classroom where tiny people are looking for an adult. Plus, it’s hands-free design means teachers can focus on what they do best: molding young minds.

Want to find more ID badge holder options? Specialist ID has even more. Visit to see them all. 

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