Back to School Badge Holders

Summertime has come and gone and so the cycle continues... It is that time again to start preparing for the next upcoming school year with the necessary school supplies.

 Schools and Universities have taken security measures that are requiring students and staff to wear photo ID Badges while in school to identify themselves and create a sense of belonging. 

Lanyards are the most popular way to display a badge holder with ID since it's easy to wear over clothing and it holds the badge around the chest area for good visibility. Attaching a badge holder to a lanyard adds protection to the ID badge from wear and tear and outdoor elements. It's the perfect combo!  

Choose your school color, favorite color or style. Custom printing is also an option. We have plenty of varieties at Specialist ID because we believe everyone is SPECIAL!

So gear up and enjoy the ride to your success! Happy new school year to all!

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